Who is Comedian Fortune Feimster Wife? A Look Into Her Relationship

Fortune Feimster is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor who is affable, personable, and one of a kind. She uses confessional comedy to build bridges between people. Fortune demonstrates to audiences of different ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and sexual orientations that finding common ground is just a joke or two away through laughing and storytelling.

With her hilarious new one-hour special Good Fortune, which is currently available on Netflix, she builds on this similarity.

Fortune Feimster, a comedian and former Mindy Project participant, wed her longtime companion Jacquelyn Smith recently. Everything you need to know about Fortune Feimster’s wife, including her educational background and line of work, has been discovered by Reality Titbit!

Fortune Feimster Wife

Feimster proposed to Smith while traveling to Big Sur, California, after being engaged to her boyfriend in January 2018. On October 23rd of last year, the couple exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony in Malibu, California.

Who is Comedian Fortune Feimster Wife?

“I was excited” remarked Fortune Feimster. “Our relationship has lasted for five and a half years. After five and a half years, you’re in trouble if you still don’t know who you’re getting married to. I was aware that it felt right and pleasant.”

The instagram post from Fortune Feimster after completing 6 years together with Jacquelyn Smith:


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Fortune said that the couple’s decision to get married was influenced by the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court before she wed partner Jacquelyn. Hope that marriage equality will endure, she added. However, we wished to take action and wed as soon as we could.

Despite having very hectic schedules, Fortune Feimster and Jacquelyn Smith manage to find time to collaborate on the Sincerely Fortune podcast in their free time.

The couple probobaly met each other 8 years ago in 2015. As there is an instagram post about it from Fortune Feimster:


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Each week on the podcast, the duo engages in frank and sincere conversation about a variety of subjects. Feimster and Smith talk about lighthearted and optimistic subjects like Fortune’s experience on the set of the Netflix film Yes Day as well as more personal subjects like their conversation with Fortune’s mother Ginger prior to their wedding.

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Jacquelyn Smith, a Michigan native, earned a bachelor’s degree in communications management from Michigan State University in 2002.

She started her career working for Weldaloy Products Company as a network administrator, where she stayed for five years. However, she made the decision to continue her education and attended Chicago State University, where she earned a master’s degree in elementary education in 2007.

At the Citizens of the World school in Los Angeles, Smith is currently employed as a teacher. Despite not having any children at the moment, Fortune and Jacquelyn do have a pomeranian rescue dog named Biggie, who served as the ring bearer at their private wedding.

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