Five Memphis Police Officers Involved In Tyre Nichols’ Arrest Have Been Fired!

Five policemen who were engaged in an arrest that appears to have resulted in the death of a Black motorist, 29, earlier this month were dismissed by the Memphis Police Department on Friday evening.

The department’s use of force, duty to help, and commitment to intervene policies were determined to have been broken by the five Black officers, the department said in a news statement. Their dismissal occurred before the department’s promised release of video footage showing Tyre Nichols’s arrest on January 7.

According to the department, Nichols passed away on January 10—three days after the cops had stopped him for driving recklessly. Nichols ran away on foot but was soon apprehended and detained. He expressed breathlessness upon his arrest.

According to his family, during the altercation with the cops, Nichols broke his neck and experienced a cardiac attack. The family published a picture of Nichols in a hospital bed, his nose crooked and eyes swollen shut from bruises.

Over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, there were protests in Memphis. Protesters demanded the release of the video of Nichols’s arrest, which happened close to one of the city’s overhead police surveillance cameras. Police in Memphis is equipped with body cams.

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According to a police official, the footage will be public the following week when Nichols’ family can watch it. Family members mentioned Nichols as a FedEx worker who enjoyed photography and skateboarding during this week’s demonstrations.

In response to a request from the district attorney of Shelby County, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking into his death. On Wednesday, U.S. Attorney Kevin Ritz announced that the Department of Justice, FBI, and his office were also starting a civil rights inquiry into Nichols’s passing.

Five Memphis Police Officers

The family of George Floyd, a Black man whose death at the hands of Minneapolis police sparked nationwide racial justice protests and calls for police reform in 2020, has hired attorney Ben Crump, whose clients also include the family of the Nichols family. George Floyd’s death was the catalyst for these demands.

Crump demanded the release of the arrest video in a statement made public on Monday. He continued that nobody should ever pass away because of a routine traffic stop.

The Memphis Police Department enacted a “responsibility to interfere” policy less than a month after Floyd’s killing, which police officers watched. At the same time, Officer Derek Chauvin choked Floyd to death beneath his knee.

According to the policy, officers must “take reasonable steps to intervene” if they observe a colleague engaging in risky or illegal behavior or abusing a victim.

About a year later, Carolyn “C.J.” Davis, the current police chief of Memphis, was hired by force. She is the first Black female police chief in the city.

As Durham, North Carolina’s police chief in 2020, Davis was one of the most vocal proponents of law enforcement accreditation and national standards.

In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Davis stated that “the sentiments and sensations that we see expressed out on the streets of cities throughout the country are felt in a way that is substantiated.” Law enforcement has been plagued by systematic racism for a very long time.

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