How Did Derrick Jaxn Divorce Affect Ex-Wife Da’naia Jackson?

The split of relationship expert Derrick Jaxn and his ex-wife, Da’Naia Jackson, had an effect on her. As news of their breakup spread after a controversial event, people started to wonder how the split would affect Da’Naia and her life going forward. To learn everything there is to know about the divorce of Derrick Jaxn, read this post in its entirety.

Did Relationship Specialist Derrick Jaxn Announce Divorce?

A relationship specialist from Atlanta is going through some rough times on a personal level because he was seen at Art Basel with a woman who was most certainly not his wife, Da’Naia. After images of him attending the annual art fair in Miami Beach with a female companion surfaced earlier this month, Derrick “Jaxn” Jackson announced that he was divorcing his wife.

Over the weekend, the motivational speaker shared with his huge no. of million followers that his family was adjusting to a “new normal.” After his filing for divorce.

The author of “A Cheating Man’s Heart” seemed to imply that he and his longtime love had broken up before their PDA-filled day in Miami, which included a visit to Brickell City Center. “Earlier this year after much prayer, counseling, and deep consideration, we decided to go our separate ways and filed for divorce.”

Derrick Jaxn Divorce

Da’Nai won’t be responding to your messages because she has her Instagram set to private. It’s not the first time around the block for this mom of two.

Derrick Jaxn Divorce

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What Did Da’naia Jackson Say About Their Divorce?

After a highly publicized divorce announcement with self-proclaimed romance guru Derrick Jaxn, Da’Naia Jackson is now sharing her story of recovery. Da’Naia appears in a number of sequences during a long and skillfully produced Instagram video post that appears to be a music video conveying her emotions.

Jackson’s intense feelings are on full display in this music video set to Koryn Hawthorne and Queen Naija’s “Speak To Me (Queen Mix),” which features him sobbing, praying, and destroying pictures of the two. In another, Jackson scribbles “Dear Holy Spirit, I Hate His Stinking Guts” in her journal and then clings to her Bible while humming the words.

Da’Naia posted an Instagram video and wrote in the caption.

“When the man you love & have kids with destroys your soul with reckless decision-making, you must CHOOSE to be alone with God When your heart has been shattered & reshaped into something that doesn’t quite feel normal inside your chest, with mental, emotional, & soul pain that is unbearable, there is only ONE MAN who can fix it, & that is the HOLY SPIRIT.”

The dramatic and chaotic events that led to the Jacksons’ divorce were chronicled on the couple’s respective social media profiles.

Da’Naia, who earlier shot back at those who judged her marriage because of Jaxn’s actions, recently shared her pain.

“When you are suffering so much that each next breath seems excruciating, & you don’t know how you can live without that man while at the same time being angry with that man because he has crushed your spirit due to his unconscious,” she wrote.

After four years of marriage, the couple decided to separate. Jaxn announced to his fans in December 2022 that he had filed for divorce.

Da’Naia, who frequently writes about her ministry, is using her faith as a shield during this difficult time in her life. ”My secret to surviving public mockery, scrutiny, scandal, betrayal, and dishonor is surrendering to the Lord,” she wrote.

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