Jeremy Allen White Kids And When Did She Divorced?

After being married for more than three years, Addison Timlin, Jeremy Allen White’s wife, recently filed for divorce. The petition was submitted on Thursday in Los Angeles, according to the court documents Page Six obtained, but the divorce’s grounds have not yet been made public.

The couple wed in October 2019, and before then, in 2018, they welcomed a daughter named Ezer Billie into the world. In December 2020, the couple welcomed Dolores Wild, their second daughter. Read more you can see that Jeremy Allen White Married Addison Timlin and their kids.

Jeremy Allen White Married Addison Timlin

While producing the film Afterschool in 2008, Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin became fast friends. On Addison’s 27th birthday, the couple subsequently revealed that they are expecting their first child. Timlin also shared a selfie with the caption:

“We made a baby and my heart is bursting at the seams. Today is my birthday but my wish already came true. This is 27 and the best is yet to come.”

In October 2018, Timlin announced the birth of their daughter Ezer on Instagram. When Timlin shared a photo of herself appearing to have a ring on her left hand in 2019. There were suspicions that Jeremy and Addison were married. There are many other celebrities like LeBron James and How Many Kids Does He Have?

Addison Timlin and Jeremy Allen White got married in October 2019, and Timlin shared a photo of herself and Allen White wearing denim jackets. You can see a post below:

Dolores, the second child of the pair, was born in December 2020, as Timlin announced on Instagram. In the film and television industries, Jeremy is also well-known for his roles in movies like Bad Turn Worse, After Everything, Vienna and the Fantomes, and others. Conviction, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Shameless, Homecoming, and The Bear are just a few of the TV shows that have featured him. Along with this, NBA famous celebrity Anthony Davis also has kids after marriage to Marlen P.

How Many Kids Does Jeremy Allen White Have?

Jeremy Allen White is best known for his roles as Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto on The Bear and Phillip “Lip” Gallagher on Shameless, but to certain individuals, he is just known as Dad.

White and his estranged wife have had two children together throughout the years. After welcoming daughter Ezer Billie in 2018, White and Timlin then welcomed Dolores Wild in 2020.

Jeremy Allen White Kids

Little is known about the children’s personal lives due to their young ages, but they frequently feature on White’s Instagram page, where he has over 2.8 million followers.

Is Jeremy Allen White Getting A Divorce?

Fans were shocked when it was revealed that White and Timlin were divorcing because they had shared several tributes to one another on social media over the years, showing their love. TMZ broke the news on May 11, 2023, but no specifics of the breakup have been made public.

Page Six tweeted that Jeremy Allen White’s wife Addison Timlin filed for divorce. You can see below:

Timlin was the one who filed the paperwork, which she did just a few months after posting a heartfelt remembrance of her soon-to-be ex following his Golden Globe victory. When we were 14 years old, Timlin wrote, “I couldn’t take my eyes off of you when I saw you perform for the first time in theater class.

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