What Is Cindy Costner Age? How Many Kids Does She Have?

Cindy Costner Age: American actress Cindy Costner performs in the theater. She was pretty interested in acting as a child. She has always loved performing. When she was in school, she used to have a minor part to play.

Cindy receives opportunities in all stages of the performing industry due to her enthusiasm for acting. Cindy played a variety of roles in the performing world.

She became well-known for her work on Lightweight in 1998 and Dances with Wolves in 1990. She is well known for her marriage to famed American Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner.

The American actress Costner, Cynthia Silva, performs in both theater and movies. She is well recognized for her work in the films Dance with Lite Weight and Wolves. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Cindy Costner Age.

What Is Cindy Costner Age?

She was born on October 29, 1956, in California, the United States; as of 2022, Cindy Costner Age is 65 years old. Louis Silva and Patricia Joan Antonucci gave birth to her. Before enrolling in college, Cindy Silva attended a private high school where she grew up alongside her sister, Cathy Silva.

When Did Cindy Costner Get Her Education?

American actress Cindy Costner was born in California on October 29, 1956. Cynthia Silva is the name she goes by. She also goes by the name Cindy Silva.

She completed her elementary schooling at a nearby public school. Later, Cindy decided to finish high school by enrolling in a private institution. She has a degree in biological science. Later, to further her education, she enrolled at California State University.

Actress Cindy Costner is one. Concerning Costner’s ancestry, nothing is known. Her father managed a private water corporation, according to our sources.

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Cindy hasn’t posted much about her mother on her social media platforms. Silva is a Christian who is of mixed racial and cultural heritage. Her ancestry is Portuguese. She kept her family’s identity a secret.

What Is Cindy Costner Age?
What Is Cindy Costner Age?

What Is Cindy Costner’s Net Worth?

Unknown is Cindy Silva’s precise net worth. However, many people put the price at about $80 million. Her work in the entertainment world, the terms of her divorce settlement, and her successful business endeavors all contributed to her enormous wealth.

On the other hand, Cindy’s ex-husband is worth $250 million. Cindy had a variety of jobs in show business during the 1990s. She played the wagon master in the 1990 film Dancing with Wolves, which starred her ex-husband Kevin Costner and a large ensemble cast including Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene, and Roderick Grant.

Despite having a $22 million production budget, the movie grossed nearly $424 million at the box office. She also appeared in the film lightweight as an actress. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Cindy Costner Age.

Is Cindy Costner In A Relationship?

Cindy Costner might be single right now. Cindy previously wed Kevin Costner, who was her college sweetheart. The adorable couple first connected in March 1975. They later fell in love with one other after going on a few dates. The lovely couple probably got married in 1978 after courting for three years.

They each warmly welcome their three children. On April 15, 1984, the couple welcomed their daughter Anne Clayton (Annie). Similar to Lily McCall, their subsequent child was born on August 4, 1986, and their son Joseph Tedrick (Joe) was born on January 31, 1988.

After 16 years of marriage, Cindy Coster and Kevin decided to get a divorce in 1994 because they couldn’t tolerate their relationship. After breaking up with Cindy, Kevin briefly dated Bridget Rooney and had a kid named Liam Coster.

In 2004, he attempted to sever his friendship with Christian Baumgartner after some time. Additionally, they have been dating each other for four years. He also welcomed three kids from his second marriage.

Well, they are enjoying life with their children. Cindy Costner was not dating anyone at the time. In July 2016, her first daughter wed her fiancé Danny Cox in California.

What Is Cindy Costner Age?
What Is Cindy Costner Age?

How Many Kids Does She Have?

Cindy and Kevin share three kids in total. On April 15, 1984, they welcomed their first child, Annie Clayton. Lily McCall, the second daughter, was born on August 4th, 1986.

Joseph “Joe” Tedrick, the youngest child, was born on January 31, 1988. The first daughter of Cindy Costner exchanged vows with her fiance, Danny Cox, in July 2016. Cindy attended her daughter’s wedding ceremony with a handful of her family members and friends. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Cindy Costner Age.

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