What Is Chief Keef’s Age? How Many Kids Does He Have?

Chief Keef is the stage name of Keith Farrell Cozart, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Most people credit Chief Keef with creating the “mumble rap” and “drill” rap music subgenres. He gained notoriety as a teenager and was primarily revered by Chicago’s South Side high school kids.

Chief Keef has built a prosperous career in the music business, but he has also visited the state several times. His legal troubles have included being accused of possessing illegal firearms, receiving a home detention sentence, and having a Chicago performance ban imposed upon him.

What Is Chief Keef’s Age?

He was given the name Keith Farrell Cozart and was born on August 15, 1995. He is a 24-year-old American rapper who frequently makes headlines.

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How Did Chief Keep Start His Career?

When he was 16, Chief Keef first rose to fame by releasing mixtapes like “The Glory Road” and “Bang.” He began uploading songs to his YouTube channel after being placed under house arrest for various legal reasons. One of these tracks, “I Don’t Like,” was a tremendous hit and was instrumental in launching the “Drill” subgenre of rap music. Chief Keef’s fame increased after Kanye West remixed the song alongside Jadakiss, Big Sean, and Pusha T.

Following this, Chief Keef rose to fame as a musician and was courted by numerous record labels to sign with them. He decided to enter into a lucrative contract with Interscope Records, and shortly after that, his debut studio album, “Finally Rich,” was released. In 2012, his song “Love Sosa” became very popular.

He released two mixtapes in 2013 and collaborated with Kanye West on the tune “Hold My Liquor.” Although “Almighty So” had a few hits like “Nice,” most critics didn’t appreciate them.

Chief Keef acknowledged that his most recent albums weren’t the best, but he explained that he had drug problems at the time. Interscope dropped Sosa in 2014, which many people considered a mistake. However, Keef persisted in releasing mixtapes, such as “Back From the Dead 2.” Most of the songs on this album were also produced by him.

Why Was Chief Keef Arrested?

What Is Chief Keef's Age?
What Is Chief Keef’s Age?

Throughout his career, the well-known rapper has dealt with several legal troubles, including charges involving weapons, possession, house arrest sentences, and more.

Additionally, Chicago Police began looking into him, possibly about the shooting murder of aspiring rapper and Englewood resident Joseph Coleman on September 5, 2012, while performing under the stage name “Lil Jojo.”

Keef was given an 18-month probationary sentence after being arrested in Dekalb County in May 2013 for consuming marijuana. He was also held for exceeding the speed limit. Chief Keef was detained for drugged driving in Highland Park on March 5, 2014.

How Did Slim Danger And Chief Keef Meet?

Slim alleges she messaged Chief Keef and sent him an Instagram video of herself before finally meeting him. She admitted to him that she was going to one of his concerts, hoping they would get together. It’s unknown if the two first met that evening or if they did so at a later period.

How Many Kids Does He Have?

Chief Keef is the father of nine kids by nine different women. According to him, four of his children are younger than five years old. One of his baby’s mothers reportedly sought that the rapper is imprisoned for not paying his child support obligations. Keef first informed the court that he had five children—all of whom had different mothers—but it was later discovered that he had four more children, all of whose mothers had filed child support requests.

The first five women were previously given a court order for Chief Keef, who also goes by the nickname “Sosa,” to pay them each $564 per month beginning in January. According to reports, he only earns $9,000 per month, yet he has $9,000 worth of expenses.

What Is Chief Keep Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, rapper Chief Keef is an American worth $1 million. Chief Keef’s impact on the hip-hop community cannot be denied. Many claims that he was the first to perform “drill” and “mumble rap,” two genres of rap music.

Throughout his career, Keef, also known as “Sosa” after a character in the movie “Scarface,” has run into many legal and financial issues. Most rappers twice his age can only dream of the contracts that Keef signed. He signed a three-album agreement with an estimated $440,000 advance. The total value of the transaction was reported at $6 million.

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