What Is Alabama Barker Age? Why Is She So Famous?

Within a few months of her birth, reality star Alabama Barker established herself as a celebrity child. She is the child of Travis Barker, a musician, and drummer for the band Blink-182. Model and former Miss USA Shanna Moakler is her mother. Alabama appeared on the final episode of MTV’s reality series Meet the Barkers in 2006 when she was still a baby.

Along with her entire family, she became a reality star due to the show, which focused on the Barkers’ daily activities. Even before she started her tenth year of school, she became a social media sensation. She has 1.1 million followers on the photo-sharing website Instagram, which is a sizable following.

She just started a YouTube channel where she shares cosmetic tutorials and Q&A videos. She is a musician and singer as well. Alabama even contributed to a song on California, the 2016 album by Blink-182. She performs the piano bridge part for the song. She’s Out of Her Mind. During a Q&A session, she revealed to her audience that she was getting ready to write her music.

What Is Alabama Barker Age?

Alabama Barker was born on December 24th, 2005, and will turn 16 in 2022. She was born and raised in an upper-middle-class family in Los Angeles, California. She regards herself as American and adheres to Christianity.

Who Are Alabama Barker’s Parents And Siblings?

Due to the success of both of her parents occupations, Alabama was born into stardom. Because her mother was carrying her for most of the final season of the reality series “Meet the Barkers,” she first came to public attention when she was a newborn.

The show depicted her parents and her two elder siblings’ daily activities. She also has a half-sister from her mother’s marriage to Oscar De La Hoya, a former boxer. Two seasons and 16 episodes of “Meet the Barkers” were produced, partially capitalizing on Travis Barker’s notoriety following the 2008 South Carolina Learjet 60 tragedy.

During the series’ conclusion, Alabama made her television debut. She was exposed to her father’s success and participation in the music industry as she grew up. She began pursuing a similar career as a result, despite her youth. She ultimately released “Heartbreaker,” her song, and “Our House” in 2017.

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What Is Alabama Age?
What Is Alabama Age?

How Did Alabama Barker Start Her Career?

Alabama has always shown a strong interest in music, and if everything goes as planned, she may decide to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career in music. She appeared in the final episode of the MTV reality series Meet the Barkers when she was under a year old.

According to reports, Alabama’s participation in the reality TV series gave her a significant head start in her newly launched career as a television star and artist. She boasts a sizable following of more than 290 K followers on her Instagram profile and maintains an active social media presence. Alabama recently started her own YouTube channel where she posts videos about beauty and Q&As.

Alabama is a talented woman in the music industry as of her career. In the most recent She’s Out of Her Mind music video by Blink 182, she demonstrated her abilities as a pianist. With the aid of her brother Landon, who was playing the drums, she created a brand-new music video cover of Elvis Presley‘s Blue Christmas song.

Alabama published “Our House,” her debut single, on her YouTube account in October 2017. According to her Instagram profile, Alabama enjoys modeling and has done work for several businesses, including “Famous Stars and Straps” and “Covergirl.”

What Is The Personal Life of Alabama Barker?

At 13, Alabama is probably too young to be dating anyone. She hopes to establish her career and achieve success at a young age with the help of her parents. Her father is a well-known practicing Catholic who leads his kids in family prayer times. His body is covered in tattoos that reflect his religious beliefs.

Due to her parents’ broken relationship, her early years of childhood were turbulent. Her parents divorced after two years of marriage, and the news spread when the two discussed it on their individual MySpace pages. The pair attempted to get back together while the divorce process was in motion.

Travis even threw Shanna a birthday party, and they appeared in red carpet-events together. This was interlaced with rumors that they had split up once more, and Barker even said that their divorce had been formalized despite trying again in 2009. When the police were summoned to a domestic dispute in Los Angeles in 2014, things got out of hand, and both people were taken into custody. Two years later, it was reported that they had patched up their differences and were now working together to raise their children.

Why Is She So Famous?

After appearing in the MTV reality series “Meet the Barkers,” Alabama Barker gained notoriety as an actor and improved her reputation. She is also well known for having a sizable following on social media, with more than 340 000 fans on musical.ly alone.

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