What Is Allison Gollust Age In 2022? Who Is Her-Ex Husband?

Allison Gollust Age: In 2012, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo chose Allison Gollust as his communications director. She previously served as NBC Universal’s senior vice president of corporate communications alongside Jeff Zucker, the company’s chief executive officer at the time. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Allison Gollust Age. What Is Allison Gollust Age In 2022?

Gollust established a bond with her coworkers at NBC, where she spent most of her career. She started working for the firm in 1996, and a year later, in NBC’s Corporate Communications division, she was promoted to a senior publicist for Today.

What Is Allison Gollust Age In 2022?

As the Executive Vice President of CNN, Allison Gollust is a well-known and highly accomplished American journalist, anchor, and businesswoman. Allison Gollust Age Is  50-year-old and was born on October 2, 1972, in the United States. Her estimated net worth of Allison is $1 million.

Where Did Allison Gollust Grow Up?

Allison Gollust was born in New York City on October 2, 1972, and presently resides there. When she first started her career, she was employed by Denver, where she worked as an anchor, producer, and reporter. Allison Gollust Age Is 50 Years Old.

Gollust was initially referred to as Zucker’s top aide by CNN Business. However, even though Zucker did not identify his coworker, Allison, a key subordinate of his, is reported to have been the subject of a 20-year relationship with Zucker.

Gollust is still there and employed by CNN. According to Gollust’s CNN profile, she has served as the news organization’s principal spokesperson. She oversees the Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and New York marketing, publicity, and public relations teams.

She was also a CMO, which required her to oversee brand strategy and marketing initiatives for all brands supporting CNN’s global network. She works on events, on-air promotions, off-channel, and digital marketing, in addition to leading CNN’s creative marketing team.

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What Is Allison Gollust Age?
What Is Allison Gollust Age?

When Did Allison Gollust Start Her Career?

CNN Gollust

She supervises marketing, publicity, and public relations teams in New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Los Angeles while serving as the news brand’s primary spokeswoman.

She is in charge of brand strategy and marketing initiatives for all of CNN Worldwide’s brands in her capacity as CMO. Gollust also manages CNN’s digital, off-channel, and creative marketing efforts, as well as events and on-air promotions.

Gollust, Allison NBCUniversal

Gollust formerly served as Andrew M. Cuomo’s communications director in New York State before joining CNN. Before that, she worked for NBC Universal as executive vice president of corporate communications, overseeing all facets of the company’s international communications initiatives.

In 1996, Allison started working at NBC. The year after, she was elevated to a senior publicist for Today. She added responsibility for communications operations supporting NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC, and The Weather Channel, as well as flagship programs, including NBC Nightly News, Dateline, and Meet the Press, as promotion success chased her reputation. In Denver, Gollust began her career as a news anchor, reporter, and producer.

Gollust, Allison, and Zucker, Jeff

Gollust and Jeff Zucker had collaborated at NBCUniversal, although Jeff departed the company earlier to join CNN as head of CNN Worldwide following the departure of CNN veteran Jim Walton. Zucker announced Gollust’s appointment as CNN’s new senior VP of communication.

After Christa Robinson left the communications division, she took over as senior vice president of communications. On the other side, CNN recently had a rise in ratings that was among its highest since Zucker joined. When it came to the highly sought-after adults 25-54 demographic during coverage of President Obama’s State of the Union Address, CNN outperformed all cable competition.

Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, and Allison Gollust have been having an affair for many years. Their relationship came to light while the Network looked into Chris Cuomo.

However, it’s thought that several employees were aware of the affair but chose to remain silent. Gollust and Zucker were both employed at NBC before joining CNN in 2013.

They were married when the romance started, according to a supply. The former CNN president has come forward and resigned from the position due to the publicity.

Allison claimed that she and Jeff were good friends who started dating around the time of the outbreak when their relationship status became known during an investigation.

“Jeff and I have been close friends and business partners for more than 20 years,” she claimed. During COVID, our connection just underwent a metamorphosis. In a statement that instantly drew criticism, Gollust stated, “I apologize that we didn’t reveal it at the right moment.”

How Long Did Allison Gollust Work For CNN?

What Is Allison Gollust Age?
What Is Allison Gollust Age?

Before being hired by Jeff Zucker, the former president of CNN and Gollust’s old coworker at NBC, Gollust worked for Cuomo for one year. When Gollust was appointed senior vice president of CNN in March 2013, Zucker reportedly said, “This is a significant move in ensuring our success,” according to CNN. “As we put even greater focus in the year ahead on re-imagining our programming, and in parallel, our brand.”

Through a press statement, he made his remarks. He added, “Allison has a deep knowledge of how every area of communications works together to tell a story, be it on the public relations side or in strategic marketing. It only makes it logical to combine these two regions under one qualified leader.

In a statement released on February 2, 2022, Gollust said, “I’m tremendously pleased with my time at CNN and look forward to continuing the amazing work we do every day.” She announced her departure on February 15, 2022.

Is Allison Gollust Married?

Allison Gollust is said to have been married to Billy Hunt, the president of Tradeweb, yet virtually little is known about her personal life. Having a “rich history of fintech innovation in fixed income and derivatives markets and a rapidly expanding equity business, Tradeweb is a global provider of financial services.

Our clients consistently benefit from better price discovery, order execution, and trade workflows,” according to the company’s website. Despite their success as a pair, they are divorced. However, the precise date is still unknown. Olivia and Ava are the couple’s two children. Gollust and Hunt.

What Is Allison Gollust Net Worth?

Most of Allison Gollust’s career was spent at NBC, where she got along well with her peers. She started working for the firm in 1996, and a year later, she was elevated to a senior publicist for Today in NBC’s Corporate Communications division. The anticipated value of Allison Gollust’s net worth in 2022 is $5 million.

Who Is Her-Ex Husband?

On the other hand, Gollust had two daughters who had also previously lived with her in New York when she married Billy Hull. Gollust is identified as the mother of two daughters in her CNN profile, although her spouse is not mentioned.

There is little information on Gollust’s early career and present life available on her profile. According to rumors, Gollust married Billy Hult, the former president of Tradeweb.

They are also divorced, although no information is available regarding their separation. They have two daughters together, named Olivia and Ava. Having been married and divorced, Jeff Zucker.

He wed Caryn Zucker in 1996, and they were divorced in 2018. In 1998, Zucker and Gollust began working together at NBC. They collaborated and progressed via their interactions with the network. Gollust was one of Zucker’s first recruits when he joined CNN.

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