What Is Ho-Yeon Jung’s Age? When Did She Start Her Acting Career?

Hoyeon Jung is a popular name in fashion assiduity. She’s a 27 times old Korean model with an emotional net worth at this early age. Jung was born on 23rd June 1994 in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Still, there isn’t crucial information available concerning her separate existence.

She started working at a veritably young age and has established herself as a successful model. Presently, she’s considered among the top 50 models on the globe. While looking at Hoyeon Jung’s Siblings, we learned that she acquired an alternate place in the 4th season of the show Korea’s Next Top Model.

What Is Ho-Yeon Jung’s Age?

Yeon Jung, born in 1994, has a birthday celebration on June 23 every year. Additionally, she was born in Seoul, South Korea. She is 27 years old right now. The actress was born under the sign of Cancer and is also of Korean origin.

Does Ho-Yeon Jung Have Siblings?

Yes. The South Korean actress-turned-model is one of three kids; she has two siblings and was raised in Seoul. Although Ho-Yeon has made some first suggestions about them on social media, not much is known about them online. Ho-Yeon shared a photo of her family on Instagram while gushing over her trip to New York. When your family is in the city, she wrote.

Even though Jung Ho-Yeon hasn’t talked much about her family online, she did participate in an interview with her mother and grandma. She acknowledged at the time that her grandmother owned a collection of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar-style fashion publications, some of which she had graced the covers of.

In celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Ho-Yeon also posted pictures of her mother and father on Instagram. She took part in several family photos in 2018, sharing candidly how she missed her family on Father’s Day.

How Did Ho-Yeon Jung Start Her Modeling Career?

At the age of 16, HoYeon began her modeling career. She was quickly hired to appear on Korea’s Next Top Model in 2013. She was reportedly eliminated in episode three (painful) but returned and finished as the competition’s runner-up overall.

She began strutting down international catwalks in 2016, making her big debut at the Opening Ceremony Spring 2017 presentation during New York Fashion Week (via W Magazine). She has since done runway shows for brands like Marc Jacobs, Alberta Ferretti, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton.

Houston has recently been named the global house ambassador for jewelry, watches, and fashion for Louis Vuitton. Ho Yeon Jung joins as the new Global House Ambassador for Fashion, Watches, and Jewelry, the company announced on Instagram. The Netflix #SquidGame star, who perfectly embodies the independent #LouisVuitton lady, begins this new journey with the Maison after walking the runway and appearing in a ready-to-wear campaign in 2017.

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When Did She Start Her Acting Career?

What Is Ho-Yeon Jung's Age?
What Is Ho-Yeon Jung’s Age?

Given the short lifespan of model professions, as Jung felt when her modeling job started to decline, she decided to pursue a career in acting. While modeling abroad, Jung occasionally traveled back to South Korea during vacations to enroll in acting classes. In total, she studied acting for three months.

To aid her in learning acting, she also enhanced her English. Jung joined the Korean celebrity agency Saram Entertainment in January 2020. In the Netflix K-drama Squid Game from 2021, she made her acting debut as Kang Sae-book, a thief who needs money to support her younger brother and find her mother in North Korea.

She received three scenes from the show’s screenplay one month after signing with Saram, and while attending New York Fashion Week, she submitted a video audition for the part. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk requested that she perform a live audition in South Korea, where she was offered the role immediately.

She trained in martial arts, watched movies about North Korean defectors, and practiced the Hamgyng dialect with actual North Korean defectors as part of her preparation for the role of Sae-byeok. She created the character partly by drawing on her own experiences of loneliness while modeling abroad and by keeping a daily journal from the character’s viewpoint.

Sae-byeok won the audience’s hearts, and critics dub Jung the “breakout star” of Squid Game. At the 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards, Jung received the prize for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for her work on the program. She was the second actress of Asian and Korean heritage to gain a SAG Award nomination due to this nomination.

Her victory made history for the show by making it the first non-English language television series to win at the SAG Awards, along with costar Lee Jung-Jae winning the corresponding male category. She was also a nominee for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, along with her co-stars. She entered into a contract with the American talent agency Creative Artists Agency in November 2021.

Who Is Ho-Yeon Jung’s Boyfriend?

Given that Squid Game is her first on-screen playing role, Ho-Yeon is dating Lee Dong Hwi, another actress she views as a crucial mentor in her ascent to prominence.

He’s a nice senior, a good buddy, and a good guy because he’s also an actor, she told Herald Pop. He frequently encourages me and expresses concern for me. He has certain fatherly qualities. Dong Hwi, 36, is a well-known actor in South Korea who has been in movies including The Handmaiden and Extreme Job.

Between 2015 and 2016, he gained notoriety on the hit TV program Reply. Ho-boyfriend Yeon hasn’t been seen on her Instagram page, where she primarily posts photos from modeling assignments and the occasional selfie.

What Is Ho-Yeon Jung’s Net Worth?

In any case, Hoyeon Jung’s portrayal of pickpocket Kang Sae-book, a.k.a. Competitor 067, had contributed to his hefty $4 million net worth. Hoyeon Jung was a model attempting to establish a solid career by collaborating and working with numerous top brands before being a part of the widely acclaimed South Korean survival drama television series on Netflix.

The fame that every artist dreams of following her appearance in the Netflix series Squid Games! Additionally, her acting has won praise from reviewers. Also regarded as the series’ breakout star!

She received a substantial payment for playing the character of Squid Game. And based on the information that is now available online, it is estimated that she received a remuneration of up to a few hundred thousand Taiwanese dollars per episode. Which is roughly several thousand dollars in US currency.

To add even more glitz to this piece, we’d like to point out that Hoyeon Jung currently has 23 million Instagram followers. And she had even fewer followers than a million before the Squid Game’s debut in September 2021. She is reportedly the highest-paid Instagram Squid Game star. Furthermore, she currently receives up to $43,000 for each sponsored post on the network.

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