Who Is Eddie Munson Related To: How Did He Die In Stranger Things?

Who Is Eddie Munson Related To Eddie was born in Hawkins, Indiana, in 1965. His guardian is his paternal uncle, Wayne Munson, and they both live in the town’s Forest Hills Trailer Park, even though his parents and their status are still unknown.

Eddie and Chrissy Cunningham attended Hawkins Middle School together in the 1970s. Eddie and Chrissy took part in a talent event at Hawkins Middle School. Chrissy’s cheering impressed Eddie, while Corroded Coffin, Eddie’s rock band, impressed Chrissy.

After enrolling at Hawkins High School, the two eventually lost touch, but Eddie never harbored ill will against her. Eddie was the leader of the Hawkins High School Hellfire Club, a Dungeons & Dragons organization hated by the school’s former students due to the growing notion that D&D was associated with Satan worship.

As a result of these rumors and his taunting of the popular kids, Eddie thrived and developed a rivalry with Jason Carver, Chrissy’s boyfriend and a player on the basketball team at Hawkins High.

Eddie had initially planned to graduate in 1984 and again in 1985. Still, due to his rebellious nature and subpar academic performance, he was delayed, making him hate the school’s principal.

Eddie was initially presented to us on the show’s official Instagram account in November 2020, where he was identified as “the head of the Hawkins High official D&D Club, The Hellfire Club.” Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Who Is Eddie Munson Related To?

Who Is Eddie Munson Related To? Is Stranger Things Based On A True Story?

Eddie Munson, a new character in Season 4 of the Netflix series Stranger Things, was one of the most well-liked new characters, along with Vecna. Damien Echols inspired Eddie. The authorized Dungeons & Dragons Hellfire Club leader at The Hawkins High was Eddie Munson, portrayed by actor Joseph Quinn.

The protagonist appears to give his life to save the Indiana town of Hawkins at one point in the story. The actor Joseph Quinn is unquestionably this season’s breakout star.

You could have recognized Eddie’s outcast-turned-scapegoat plot because the writers modeled his development on an actual crime incident in the early 1990s.

Who Is Eddie Munson Related To?
Who Is Eddie Munson Related To?

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Eddie was bullied at Hawkins High because of his long, unruly hair, passion for Dungeons and Dragons, and love of heavy metal. The Satanic Panic, a widespread frenzy in which many people thought Satanists cults were killing people ritualistically and taking over the country, was rife in the 1980s in the United States.

Many people were falsely accused of acts they had nothing to do with and even sentenced to death, even though this was driven by propaganda and had no foundation.

According to the Netflix Geeked official Twitter account, Eddie Munson’s story was influenced by the documentary series Paradise Lost, which details the unjust conviction of three teens from West Memphis, Arkansas. Eddie is partially based on Damien Echols, a writer, and artist who was wrongly identified as the West Memphis Three’s “ringleader.”

Residents of West Memphis specifically targeted Echols because he had long hair, wore Metallica shirts, smoked cigarettes, and kept to himself. Like Eddie, he was a target because of how “strange” he was.

Who Is Eddie On Stranger Things 4?


The Hellfire Club, the D&D club at Hawkins High School, is run by Eddie Munson, a reasonably skilled musician. His life is flipped upside down when he is held responsible for the death of cheerleader Chrissy. He is a social outsider with an anarchistic aura.

The cheerleader is brutally murdered by Vecna while searching for narcotics to give to Chrissy. Eddie flees after realizing he will be held accountable for her murder while being hunted by Chrissy’s jock boyfriend and a vengeful mob.

Due to their knowledge of Vecna and desire to exterminate the demon, Dustin and his companions take Eddie under their wing. Because they think Eddie is the leader of a demonic cult, the residents of Hawkins become enraged and turn against him. After Steve gets sucked into it, Eddie travels there with Nancy and Robin. Vecna takes control of Nancy, but Eddie manages to escape.

Who Plays Eddie On Stranger Things 4?

Eddie Munson, played by British actor Joseph Quinn, debuted in Stranger Things season 4. The 29-year-old performer, according to IMDB, has been in many other productions, including Dickensian, in which she co-starred with Phoebe Dynevor from Bridgerton, the 2017 four-part series Howards End, and Game of Thrones season 7 as Koner, a Stark soldier.

How Did Eddie Die In Stranger Things?

Who Is Eddie Munson Related To?
Who Is Eddie Munson Related To?

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Eddie is still alive by the end of episode seven, but the remaining two episodes of season four will put him through severe character tests.

Eddie and his team confront the Demobats in the season’s grand finale. Eddie plays a guitar solo from Metallica’s Master of Puppets over his trailer with Dustin to entice the beasts.

Before opting to stand his ground and engage them head-on, Eddie rides his bike away from his companions and the Demobats. Eddie dies in Dustin’s arms after being mortally wounded by the Demobats and going down in a blaze of glory.

Even though Eddie died a hero’s death, the local media continues to portray him as a killer, alleging that he was responsible for the string of local killings and used human sacrifice in his satanic rituals.

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