Elon Musk Twitter CEO: Will He Resign As CEO Of Twitter When He Gets An Alternative

Elon Musk Twitter Ceo: Elon Musk announced on Tuesday that he would leave his position as CEO of Twitter once he found someone “foolish” enough to succeed him.

Musk announced in a tweet that he would stay on at the business to oversee the software and server departments. Musk recently asked followers on the social media platform to vote in an unofficial poll about whether he should resign, and he promised to follow the findings.

57.5% of the more than 17.5 million votes supported Musk’s resignation. About 42% of people opposed the change. Musk, whose $44 billion purchase of the business was completed in October, stated in court last month that he planned to work less at Twitter and select a new CEO “over time.”

Musk tweeted the following statement after publishing the poll: “No one wants the position who can keep Twitter alive. There isn’t a replacement.

Amid intense criticism of his leadership of the business, which has included massive layoffs, the suspension of journalists, and a rule prohibiting users from posting links to other social networking sites, Musk made the announcement.

Musk, who has called himself a “free speech absolutist,” apologized for the link restriction and insisted that significant modifications to the company’s policies would require a vote.

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