Wellmania Cast: Who Appears In The Australian Comedy Series?

An Australian culinary writer and socialite must reevaluate her live-fast quick, die-young mentality when she experiences a severe health problem. If she doesn’t get well, she won’t be able to return to the US to film her dream job, a brand-new and eagerly anticipated cookery show.

So Liv dives headfirst into an extreme wellness regimen that includes everything from colonics to cycling to strict diets. Celeste Barber, a comic you’ll undoubtedly recognize if you have an Instagram account, co-created the comedy series Wellmania with writers Brigid Delaney and Benjamin Law. Many years ago, Barber’s endless parodies of frequently bizarre fashion photographs caused her to become incessantly popular online.

Wellmania Cast And Crew

Australian dramedy Wellmania, starring comedian Celeste Barber premiered on March 29, and this smart, funny series is already charming Netflix subscribers.

Wellmania centers on food blogger Liv Healy. After returning to her hometown in Australia to celebrate her best friend’s birthday, Liv gets a health scare that forces her to re-evaluate her life and try other health and wellness methods to get herself back on track and advance her career.

Here’s a guide to the various characters starring in Wellmania and the talented cast portraying them in the show.

Celeste Barber as Liv Healy

Celeste Barber, a comedian from Australia, plays the main character, Liv Healy, on the Netflix series Wellmania. To celebrate her closest friend’s birthday in her homeland in Australia, Liv travels halfway across the world by plane to surprise her there. During her time there, she seeks medical attention, and as a result, she has a terrifying medical experience that prohibits her from going back to the United States. Liv must swiftly figure out how to get her life back on track in order to avoid missing out on a significant professional opportunity because she is stranded in her hometown.

Wellmania Cast

Celeste Barber is most well-known for her performance as Barbara in the Australian comedy series The Letdown, which launched her career as a stand-up comedian. If you use Instagram, follow her there.

JJ Fong as Amy Kwan

While Liv is currently stranded in Australia, at least she can count on her best friend, Amy, to stay by her side. Amy is the primary impetus behind Liv’s decision to move back to her childhood home, and she has promised to be by her side every step of the way while she works toward regaining her health. Visit this link for a more interesting article, Law And Order Cast.

JJ Fong is a gifted actor from New Zealand who has acted in a number of comedy programs, including Go Girls, Step Dave, and Flat3.

Alexander Hodge as Isaac Huang

Isaac Huang is presented to the audience as a possible romantic interest for Liv. You might recognize the beautiful actor Alexander Hodge from his previous roles as Andrew on Insecure or Philky on Black Lightning. Hodge plays the role here. In addition to that, he’ll be appearing in the upcoming comedy film Joy Ride, which will be directed by Adele Lim.

Netflix ANZ tweeted Put down the juice cleanses immediately! It’s time to meet the cast behind the upcoming Netflix Original series. You can see below:

Lachlan Buchanan as Gaz Healy

In a comedy program, going home would never be complete without the presence of some difficult family dynamics. Gaz is Liv’s brother, and he is currently in the process of tying the knot with the dashing Dalbert Tan (Remy Hii). Must check the recent article here Rabbit Hole.

Lachlan Buchanan, an actor from Australia, has lately been seen in popular television programs such as ABC’s Station 19, Dynasty, and The Rookie: Feds.

More Wellmania Cast Members

Wellmania has a sizable cast. Below you’ll find some of the other actors starring in the series and several recurring stars.

  • Remy Hii as Gaz’s fiancé Dalbert Tan
  • Genevieve Mooy as Liv’s mother Lorraine Healy
  • Johnny Carr as Doug Henderson
  • Simone Kessell as Helen King

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina alum Miranda Otto has a recurring role in the show as Camille Lavigne. Leah Vandenberg, who previously worked with Celeste Barber on The Letdown, also recurs, as does Candian-Australian star Aden Young. Look at this Law And Order Cast.

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