Tomo Chan Is A Girl And The Power Of Friendship In High School

Fans of romantic comedies have something fresh to look forward to in 2023 with the release of Tomo-chan Is a Girl! as an anime. The series, which features hilariously large-scale unrequited love, is set to be a star-crossed riot throughout the upcoming anime season. The show is thankfully coming soon and is set to bring the well-liked four-panel manga from the 2010s to life.

A fan favorite seiyuu who even the perkiest ears might not know is among the voice performers and creators that bring the series to life. The anime may very well adapt the full manga source material given the breadth and scope of the original work. This is information about Tomo-chan Is a Girl! that anyone looking forward to the new anime season should be aware of before it debuts.

Release Date For Tomo-Chan Is A Girl!

The first episode of Tomo-chan Is a Girl! will air on Japanese television on January 4, 2023. There won’t be a delay between the start of the show and the availability of the English version, which is even better for those who desire viewing options.

On the Crunchyroll streaming service, Tomo-chan will be available the same day in both the English dub and the original Japanese version with subtitles. This might make the series simpler for non-English speakers to follow, but it won’t likely make Tomo’s search for love any simpler. The 13-episode series will probably adapt to the full manga.

Tomo Chan Is A Girl

The Plot of Tomo-Chan Is a Girl!

Tomo-chan Is a Girl!, like the manga of the same name, follows Tomo Aizawa, a young tomboy who are close friends with Junichiro Kubota. Junichiro views Tomo as “just one of the boys” because they are both fairly athletic and enjoy the same hobbies. This explains the series title since Tomo has an unexpected secret about a childhood friend and the power of friendship in high school.

Junichiro is unaware that Tomo has been crushing on him for a time. Her friend’s perception of her as essentially being a guy has prevented him from responding to her advances, therefore these love feelings have gone utterly unacknowledged.

Misuzu Gundo, a third party in the relationship who is both Junichiro and Tomo’s common friend and the former’s ex-girlfriend, complicates matters. This terrible romance causes a string of things that stop Tomo from being open about her love for Junichiro.

Production News For Tomo-Chan Is a Girl!

The first Tomo-chan Is a Girl! manga, written and illustrated by Fumita Yanagida, appeared in Saizensen from 2015 to 2019 and has since been collected in eight tankobon volumes. The 2022 series Heroines Run the Show and the Fate/Stay film series are produced by the Lay-duce company, which also announced the adaptation at the Anime Expo in the summer of 2022. Nowadays many series are coming this is one of them being Are You Afraid Of The Dark.

Tomo-chan is being directed by Hitoshi Nanba, who previously helmed the historical adventure anime Golden Kamuy. Megumi Shimizu, Shiori Hiraiwa, and Masaru Yokoyama are in charge of the storyline, character designs, and soundtrack, respectively.

Tomo Chan is a girl! who tweeted Thank you for all your support! We hope you enjoyed the season finale. You can check below:

Popular seiyuu Several have noted that Rie Takahashi, who previously voiced Hu Tao from Genshin Impact and Megumin from the isekai anime KonoSuba, sounded considerably different from Tomo. You can check this unique series the name of the series is Law And Order.

The remaining voice actors are Sally Amaki, Kohei Amasaki, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, with Kaito Ishikawa and Rina Hidaka portraying Junichiro and Misuzu, respectively. Lexi Nieto, Ricco Fajardo, Jad Saxton, Ciarán Strange, and Christopher Llewyn Ramirez are the English equivalents for these characters, though Sally Amaki provides Carol’s voice in both the dub and subtitled versions.

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