Ranboo Net Worth: On Which Platform Does Ranboo Stream?

Ranboo Net Worth: Ranboo is a Minecraft broadcaster and YouTuber who has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity. He plays on the Dream SMP server, where he acquired most of his recent success, and is pals with other Minecraft content artists like TommyInnit and Tubbo. About his character on the Dream SMP server, he has received accolades for his skillfully written roleplay and narrative.

Ranboo had over 100k paid members that month thanks to his 10-hour charity stream on Twitch, which set numerous records. He also attained a hype train percentage of 100,529% on a different stream. He frequently sports sunglasses and a black-and-white mask and has admitted that he always keeps his face covered when being filmed since he suffers from facial dysmorphia. In Times Square in New York, Ranboo had billboards featuring his Minecraft avatar.

Ranboo Net Worth

As of 2022, Ranboo’s net worth is expected to reach approximately $5 million. The Minecraft streamer and YouTuber makes a tonne of money mostly from his streams, but there isn’t much information about his sponsorship partnerships.

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Recently, the American content producer worked with Youtooz to launch his plush toys and ran a contest for them. Additionally, Ranboo has placed LED billboards with his Minecraft avatar in urban settings. He broadcasts live from two Twitch accounts and two YouTube channels.

On Which Platform Does Ranboo Stream?

Ranboo broadcasts on Twitch through the “RanbooLive” and “ranboobutnot” channels. Additionally, he uploads movies to his YouTube channel and tweets frequently.

Ranboo Net Worth-
Ranboo Net Worth-

How Much Does Ranboo Earn?

Just from his main Twitch channel, “RanbooLive,” Ranboo makes a sizable sum of money. Although he reached over 100k subscribers in his first month, his average is thought to be between 65k and 70k. Just from Tier-1 customers, he makes between $1.94 million and $2.1 million annually. Even after subtracting donations from his viewers, he still gets money from his second Twitch channel, “ranboobutnot.” His annual revenue from YouTube ranges from $104.4k to $123.6k.

Most of Ranboo’s income comes from his Twitch channel, which, when added to the revenue from his YouTube channel, brings his total income to between $2 million and $2.3 million. This sum excludes sponsorship transactions, charitable contributions, and goods sale proceeds.

Ranboo’s Twitch Career

Ranboo registered for a Twitch account on January 30, 2020. Despite only recently joining the streaming community, the streamer has already climbed to sixth place for the platform’s most popular English Variety channel.

He reached 100k subscribers during his substation charity stream in February 2021, shattering multiple Twitch records. He was raided on the broadcast by Dream SMP gamers, and Dream later requested him to join his server, which significantly increased his popularity.

He presently has 3.3 million followers on his primary Twitch channel, with 100k viewers on average per stream. Around 382k people follow his second channel, which he uses for “chiller” streams, and 65k people watch each stream on average.

Ranboo’s YouTube career

On January 30, 2020, Ranboo launched his YouTube channel the same day he found his Twitch channel. Later in the same year, on September 12, he published a tweet to mark reaching the 100-subscriber mark.

Ranboo currently has just under 3 million platform subscribers and has had 43 million views of his 24 total video uploads. Both the number of views on his channel and the number of subscribers keep increasing quickly. On the platform, he is presently ranked #2082 in the Entertainment subcategory.

To publish VODs from his Twitch streams, Ranboo launched a second YouTube channel called “RanbooLive” at the start of January 2021. Despite having no videos, the track has 43.7k subscribers right now.

Earnings From Other Venues

In collaboration with the Canadian collectibles company Youtooz, Ranboo produced a line of plush toys with his characters. The business has worked with internet celebrities like Anthony Padilla and Jarvis Johnson. It is uncertain how much money he has made from hosting a giveaway for his line of items with Youtooz.

Earnings As A Youtuber

Since Ranboo’s channel is still expanding quickly, the predicted number will fluctuate dramatically over the coming months. His monthly earnings from his primary YouTube channel range from $8.7k to $10.3k and his yearly earnings are predicted to be between $104.4k and $123.6k. His popularity is only growing. Thus his profits will undoubtedly soar in the upcoming months. RanbooLive, his second YouTube channel, is no longer operating.

Earnings As a Twitch Streamer

Most of Ranboo’s income comes from RanbooLive, his primary Twitch channel. If all of his customers fall into the $5 Tier-1 category, he will earn between $162k and $175k per month or between $1.94 million and $2.1 million per year. The actual number would be higher because not all of his subscribers are in the lowest tier. Additionally, he receives money from donations and audience-applauded segments.

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