What Is Priah Ferguson’s Age? What Is Her Net Worth?

American actor Priah Ferguson rose to fame as “Erica Sinclair” in the Netflix original series “Stranger Things.” Since she was a young girl, she has been passionate about performing and dancing, and both of her parents encouraged her abilities. Ferguson began receiving commercial gigs, and other acting offers as soon as she joined an Atlanta-based agency.

However, she made her public debut in 2015 with a charitable cause. She debuted on television and in movies the following year. Ferguson made appearances on several TV shows, including “Daytime Divas,” “Coffee X Cream,” and “Mercy Street,” as well as movies, including “The Oath,” after making her acting debut in the critically acclaimed “FX” series “Atlanta.”

She appeared in movies at the same time. She played significant roles in several honorable short films. Ferguson joined the ‘Stranger Things’ regular cast because of her superb comic timing.

What Is Priah Ferguson’s Age?

On October 1st, 2006, Priah Ferguson was born. As of 2022, she is 16 years old. She was raised in the American city of Atlanta, Georgia. Because Priah was born in October, Libra is her solar sign.

Where Was Priah Ferguson Born And Raised?

On October 1, 2006, Priah Nicole Ferguson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. She was raised alongside Jayda, her younger sister. Adjua, her mother, is a graphic designer, an art director, and a party decor retailer.

John Ferguson is the design director, art director, and photographer who previously took photos for the singer-actress Janelle Monae. Ferguson had already shown an early interest in acting.

Her parents introduced her to the performing arts when she was 5. Ferguson appreciated her exposure to the theater because she already had a passion for dancing.

She soon also became quite interested in acting. She began her career in the show business at a young age because she was born and raised in Atlanta, which is known as a center for young performers. She joined a talent agency when she was still pretty young. She soon began acting seminars and camps.

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What Is Priah Ferguson's Age?
What Is Priah Ferguson’s Age?

Who Are Priah Ferguson’s Parents And Siblings?

Priah Nicole Ferguson, aka Priah Ferguson, was born on October 1, 2006, and spent much of her childhood in Atlanta, Georgia. She also spent time with her two younger sisters, Jayda, and her artistic parents.

It is obvious where Priah gets her creative abilities from because her mother, Adjua Ferguson, is a graphic designer and art director who also owns a party decor company; her father, John Ferguson, is an art and design director; and a photographer who had shot a campaign for singer-actress Janelle Monae.

She was fortunate to have parents who fostered her love of dance and exposed her to the performing arts. By the time she was five years old, she had fallen head over heels in love with theater.

Ferguson entered the world of show business relatively young. Once she expressed her desire to become a professional actress, program directors from various camps and workshops encouraged her parents to seek agency representation. Ferguson had a natural talent, and her witty and quick response made her shine even more.

When Did Priah Ferguson Start Her Career?

Ferguson’s first acting gig came in 2015 when she was chosen to appear in a promotional video for the charitable group “United Way of Greater Atlanta.” She received more jobs due to the video’s resounding success, including an offer to serve as the group’s official spokesmodel.
Ferguson was cast in numerous short and indie films that year, which helped her hone her acting abilities and rise to recognition in the business. She made her film and television début the following year. Ferguson made his debut on television in the comedy-drama “Atlanta” on the “FX Networks” in the episode “Streets on Lock,” playing the character “Asia.”

She also appeared in two episodes of the love story “Coffee X Cream” under “Michelle.” Her first two film roles were as “Charlie” in “Ends” and “Deus ex Machina.” In 2017, Ferguson portrayed “Fatima” in the VH1 satirical comedy-drama “Daytime Divas” episode “Lunch is on Us.” She also appeared in the PBS civil war medical drama “Mercy Street.”

She also made appearances in the films “Perfectville” (as “Jojo”) and “La Vie Magnifique De Charlie,” which was nominated for an “Africa Movie Academy Award,” as a younger version of the character “Brandy” played by Ashley S. Evans.

Ferguson found success in 2017 when she was given her breakout role in the well-liked “Netflix” original series “Stranger Things.” The second season of the show featured her character, “Erica,” who is the sister of “Lucas Sinclair” (played by Caleb McLaughlin). The following season gave the character a regular role.

She was initially seen making fun of her on-screen sibling for being a nerd in her scenes. Ferguson was offered the part since the site where the episode was filmed was near her house.

She was initially unaware of her choice and only learned about it after Adjua read the letter that “Netflix” had sent her. Ferguson was initially intended only to make one appearance, but the producers decided to make her a regular after being won over by her charisma and funny one-liners.

In 2018, Ferguson made appearances in the black comedy “The Oath” as “Hardy” and in the “NBC” legal drama “Bluff City Law” as “Erika.” Ferguson is presently represented by the Atlanta-based People Store and the CESD Talent Agency. She has more than a million Instagram followers thanks to her recognition from “Stranger Things.” Ferguson may have worked in advertisements before breaking into the mainstream entertainment sector, according to some of her early “Instagram” photos.

What Is Her Net Worth?

By 2022, Priah Ferguson’s net worth will be $500,000. Her primary sources of revenue are the numerous films she makes and her various other business ventures.

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