What Is Pat Priest’s Net Worth? Who Is Her Husband?

Pat Priest is an American actress born in Bountiful, Utah, on August 15, 1936. Her nationality is American, and her hometown is Bountiful, Utah. She was born in Bountiful, Utah, the hometown of her mother.

She is 83 years, 7 months, and 14 days old (last update, 2020). She currently works as a professional actress in the US. She is well-known as an actress in the US and other neighbouring nations. She is a very effective American actress.

How Did Pet Priest Get Her Education?

Her parents, Roy Priest and Ivy Baker Priest, who divorced while Pat was still relatively little, raised her for her first several years in Bountiful. Pat later relocated to Washington, D.C., with Ivy. The money minted between January 28, 1953, and January 29, 1961, bore her mother’s signature, who served as the USA Treasurer.

While attending her final year at Arlington, Virginia’s Washington Lee High School, Pat developed an interest in acting and started modelling. In 1958, she received her diploma from Marjorie Webster Junior College, where she completed her schooling.

When Did Pet Priest Start Her Career As An Actress?

Pat worked as a page girl at the 1952 Republic National Convention, and in the years that followed, she worked as a model for advertisements and various performances. She began acting in stage productions in the latter half of the 1950s, including “The Tender Trap” and “Bus Stop,” and started her TV career in 1957 as a guest performer on the series “Perry Mason.”

In 1964, she appeared in the series “The Virginian.” She made uncredited appearances in the movies “Looking for Love” and “Quick, Before It Melts” in addition to her Bewitched performance.

Her agency then got in touch with her and suggested that she may be an excellent replacement for Beverley Owen, who had been playing Marilyn Munster in the television series “The Munsters” until she got married and quit. Most broadcast viewers were unaware that the actress had changed because the two girls had such a striking resemblance. Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis, and Yvonne De Carlo are the series’ leading actors, and it centres on a family of monsters and their various mishaps and adventures.

Pat was originally going to reprise her role as Marilyn in the comedy movie “Munster, Go Home!” in 1966, but the producers felt she was too old for the part, which ended up going to Debbie Watson.

She co-starred with Elvis Presley in the 1967 comedy-adventure “Easy Come, Easy Go,” which also starred Dodie Marshall and followed Ted Jackson (Elvis), a deep sea diver who works as a singer and discovers a treasure on one of his dives. She made one episode of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” appearance in 1970, the same year that she co-starred with Bruce Dern and Casey Kasem in the horror film “The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant.” Shortly after leaving these positions, she retired and began working as a restaurateur in Idaho, where she has lived for more than 20 years.

What Is Pat Priest's Net Worth?
What Is Pat Priest’s Net Worth?

What Is Pat Priest’s Net Worth?

Pat Priest has a net worth of $3 million and works as an actor in the United States. In August 1936, Pat Priest was born in Bountiful, Utah. She played Marilyn Munster on the television series The Munsters from 1964 to 1966, one of her most notable performances. The priest took over for Beverly Owen in the position.

In movies like Easy Come, Easy Go, The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant, and Some Call It Loving. She made an appearance. The Lieutenant, The Jack Benny Program, Valentine’s Day, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Wendy and Me, Dr Kildare, My Favorite Martian, Death Valley Days, Perry Mason, The Lucy Show, Mannix, Run for Your Life, The Red Skelton Hour, Ironside, The Virginian, Bewitched, Mission: Impossible, Run, Joe, Run, and Mary Tyler Moore were among the other TV shows in which Pat Priest made appearances. The priest received TV Land Award nominations in 2004 and 2006 for The Munsters. Ivy Baker Priest, the US Treasurer, was her mother.

Who Is Her Husband?

Pat first met her husband, Pierce Andrew Jensen Jr., in 1952 while both were still in high school. They dated more than three years before getting married on August 20, 1955. Their first son Lance Jensen was born on August 29, 1958, and their second son Pierce Jensen was born on July 10, 1960.

It is generally accepted that Pat’s reputation presented a challenge for her husband, who reportedly developed excessive jealousy, and that this eventually resulted in their divorce on March 4, 1967. She later met businessman Frederick Hansing, and on December 5, 1981, they were married in front of all of their closest family and friends.

They don’t share any children, and their marriage is not the subject of any rumours or disputes. Pat hasn’t commented on the reports that she had romantic ties to multiple stars who she co-starred with in different films and TV shows.

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How Many TV Shows Did Pat Priest Do?

The actress has made multiple TV appearances. She received honourable nominations for some of them. Listed below are a few of the well-known ones:

  • Diane/Waitress in The Lieutenant (1963)
  • First Dancer on The Jack Benny Program (1964)
  • Day of Love (1964) – Lola
  • In the 1964 film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Karen Joyce Pennell
  • Betty Allison’s 1964 film Wendy and Me
  • Dr Kildare, a student nurse in 1964
  • Della Darwell’s My Favorite Martian (1964)
  • Nora Jackson and Nancy appeared in Death Valley Days (1964–1955).
  • Marilyn Munster appeared in The Munsters from 1964 until 1966.

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