Money Heist Season 6 Is Release Date Status Confirmed or Not? Renewal, Cast, Synopsis & More Details!

Season 5 of Money Heist is now available to watch on Netflix. In September 2021, Netflix launched the first half of the season of its original series. The remaining five episodes of Money Heist season 5 were uploaded on Netflix in December.

By the beginning of December, the series is on its way to becoming the most watched show on the planet. It’s one of Netflix’s best shows, and it’s expected to be one of the year’s most popular new releases.

Many Money Heist viewers are anxiously awaiting news on the future of their favorite characters, the show as a whole, and the possibility of a sixth season.

How Many Seasons of Money Heist Are There?

As of December 3rd, 2021, five seasons of Money Heist are available to watch on Netflix.

Will There be a Money Heist Season 6?

Season 6 of Money Heist is technically not going to happen. The fifth and final season of Netflix’s original series Money Heist was revealed last year.

Will There be a Money Heist Spinoff?

Yes! Netflix is working on a spin-off of Money Heist, which is currently in development. According to Deadline, it will center on Berlin (Pedro Alonso). The film’s working title is Berlin.

We have no idea who will be engaged in the spinoff or what it will be about. A prequel series is, of course, what this will be. Other characters from the Money Heist universe are expected to be a part of Netflix’s forthcoming original series.

Money Heist spinoff Berlin Release Date

Berlin’s official release date has yet to be confirmed by Netflix. The Netflix show Berlin will premiere in 2023, however.

Before the release of season 5 of Money Heist in December 2021, Netflix posted a tweet announcing the news of the spinoff and its release date.

Money Heist Season 6 cast

If Money Heist season 6 were to truly happen, there has been no concrete information on who would be in the cast. It’s safe to anticipate that there will be a good mix of familiar and new faces on the roster. For starters, we’ll have to wait and see who survives the first season before we can speculate on the cast.

Money Heist Season 6

Money Heist Season 6 Synopsis

Netflix has not released any plot details of any kind about Money Heist season 6 and considering it most likely won’t happen, no one should hold out for any sort of official synopsis to be put out to the public any time soon. If one ever does come out it will probably be closer to when the potential yet unlikely follow-up to season 5 premieres, which everyone should remember is technically not on the agenda.

Money Heist Season 6 Trailer

There is no official trailer for the upcoming season of Money Heist, and unless things change and season five is the final outing for the show, viewers should not expect a glimpse of the upcoming season. If Netflix decides to release a teaser for the sixth season, we’ll be sure to let everyone know as soon as possible.

All the information you need about the upcoming season of Money Heist will be available here. Get the latest updates and news about Netflix’s enthralling Spanish criminal drama.

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