The Love Is Blind Season 2: Rlease Date, Cast, Trailer, But Are They Still Together?

Love is loving, understanding, tumultuous, and untidy, but is it genuinely blind? Can a 10-day trial produce accurate, enduring devotion? We asked this season’s daters to fill in the blanks on how they are doing in case you still have questions after seeing more than one Love Is Blind castmate leave a fiancé at the altar. The postseason reunion episode may also help. Here are the positions of the contented couples, singles, and self-described “villains” after seeing their relationships develop on TV.

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Love is Blind Season 2 Release Date.

Season 2 of Love is Blind debuted on Netflix on February 11th. Episodes started to be streamed at 8 AM BST. The dating series was renewed by Netflix for not just a second season but a third very long after the premiere! With a screenshot of Amber from season one, the streamer announced the season two news in March 2020 on Twitter.

Given that the show’s creator, Chris Coelen, wants 11 more seasons, it is pretty probable that viewers will be able to watch a lot more of the wacky dating show on Netflix. Coelen said to “I’d like to watch either season 2 or season 12. You do not?” after which he acknowledged he could see the show lasting for 15 or 20 seasons.

Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast.

There are 30 contestants.

  • Abhishek “Shake,” Veterinarian, 33
  • Aja, Paralegal, 30
  • Brandon, Insurance Broker, 36
  • Brian, Advertising Strategist, 32
  • Caitlin, Medical Software Sales, 31
  • Chassidy, Business Owner, 34
  • Danielle, Associate Director, Marketing, 29
  • Deepti, Information (Data) Analyst, 31
  • Haseeb, Lawyer, 28
  • Hope, Sales Manager, 32
  • Iyanna, Programme Coordinator, 27
  • James “Joey,” Business Strategy Consultant, 30
  • Jarrette, Project Manager, 32
  • Jason, Flight Attendant, 31
  • Jeremy, Director/ Entrepreneur, 36
  • Julie, Clinical Therapist, 31
  • Julius, Logistics Manager, 39
  • Kara, Client Service Manager, 32
  • Kyle, Glazier, 29
  • Mallory, Communications Manager, 32
  • Natalie, Consulting Manager, 29
  • Nick, VP of Product Marketing, 36
  • Olivia, Recruitment Partner, 29
  • Rocky, Executive, 30
  • Salvador, Executive Assistant, 31
  • Shaina, Hairstylist, 32
  • Shayne, Real Estate Agent, 32
  • Sheena, Events Partnership Director, 36
  • Trisha, Broker, 30
  • Vito, Pizzeria Owner, 33

Love Is Blind Season 2 Trailer

The Love Is Blind season 2 teaser trailer begins with Vanessa Lachey announcing, “The pods are now open! ” Following that, there are brief views of eager singles entering the pods.

Snippets of the singles discussing their expectations for the experience are also seen in the video. A man says, “I’m getting to know someone’s heart before anything else.” I’m interested in this experiment because I don’t have boobs and a butt; a woman quips.

Who Are They?

Iyanna McNeely, 27, had an outstanding word-salad-based LinkedIn profile and was a program coordinator at a surrogacy agency in Chicago before appearing on the show. She and Natalie, another pod member, grew close during the episode.

Meanwhile, Jarrette identified himself as a sneaker salesman, podcast host, investor, and barber. According to his business cards, that should be “barber extraordinaire.”

What Went Down On The Show?

Jarrette and Mallory, another participant, clicked right away. He was, nevertheless, also drawn to Iyanna. In response to Mallory rejecting his proposal, he immediately asked Iyanna to marry him. After some back and forth, she finally agreed. However, it appeared as though there might have been a spark between them once more when Jarrette and Mallory finally met in person later in Mexico at the cast party.

Iyanna had concerns when she saw Jarrette and Mallory’s relationship, which was understandable given that they didn’t get back together. A TV love triangle is just too cute! But after they returned to Chicago, they managed to get over it and go on with their engagement.

The Love Is Blind Season 2: Rlease Date, Cast, Trailer, But Are They Still Together?

But Are They Still Together?

Quick response: Yes and no. We didn’t find out if they were still dating after the finale aired until their reunion on March 4, but some social media sleuthing revealed that they were still following one another. Their most recent posts were not liked by each other, but we just put that down to Netflix NDA agreements. Another hint is that Iyanna shared was a photo of herself wearing a bride-to-be sash on February 22. It seems like something a person who was content with their marriage would do, doesn’t it?

She and Jarrette shared a video of them meeting on the program the day before, along with a sweet caption, and their other participants left heart-emoji comments. Love was in evidence at every turn! Also mentioned were spoilers. Did Netflix forget to send out the “shut the heck up” memo this year, or do they know we’d watch the reunion anyhow?

Because we did and discovered the pair were still wed. Iyanna said, “It’s been challenging, but it’s also been extremely fulfilling.” The two acknowledged that their primary challenge has been juggling her more introverted tendencies with his more gregarious lifestyle. He stays in on certain evenings, and she goes out on others, but they managed to balance it, and it seemed they were content overall.

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It appears that there may have been more problems than they admitted. The pair made their divorce request known in reciprocal Instagram postings on August 17. They said, “After much consideration, we’re heartbroken to share that we have separated and will start the divorce process.” “Even though we are in love with one another, it’s alright that our lives are taking separate turns. It was not easy for us to make this choice, and we will always wish each other nothing but the best.

“We hope you everyone will allow us some room as we finish this chapter of our lives,” they continued. We are grateful to our close friends and family for supporting us at this difficult time. If any new information becomes available, this post will be updated. Promise.

The Love Is Blind Season 2: Rlease Date, Cast, Trailer, But Are They Still Together?

How Does Love Be Blind Work?

The conventional dating reality TV is given a severe spin of Love Is Blind. It resembles the love child of Married at First Sight and The Bachelor. A group of men and women are put through a speed dating process by Netflix, but no one can see each other. Instead, a man and a woman enter linked pods and communicate over a wall.

After the first seven to ten minutes, the cast members are in complete charge. They can decide who they want to spend more time with and for how long on dates. After the pod dating phase, a single can make a marriage proposal. They will be able to ultimately meet in person if he or she accepts.

After that, newlyweds take a romantic getaway to Mexico. They are compelled to interact with some of the other people they dated while in the pods because they are staying at the same resort.

The couples relocated into the same apartment building after their vacation ended. Each engaged pair gets accustomed to living together, meets the family and friends of their spouse, and learns more about their history and financial situation.

The wedding day is when each pair faces the other at the altar and decides whether or not to get married. We’d want to see a lengthier season of Love Is Blind season 2 that follows more couples. Fun fact: In season 1, eight teams got engaged, but only six were the program’s center (the two excluded couples didn’t get married).


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