Kim Mulkey Salary: A Look At Her Earnings With The Baylor Lady Bears

Kim Mulkey is a former American women’s basketball player and current head coach of the Baylor Lady Bears. She was born on May 17, 1962, in Tickfaw, Louisiana, and grew up playing basketball from a young age.

Mulkey played college basketball at Louisiana Tech University, where she was a standout player and helped the Lady Techsters win two national championships. After college, she played professionally in Italy for a year before returning to the United States to begin her coaching career.

Mulkey’s coaching career started at Louisiana Tech, where she served as an assistant coach before becoming the head coach in 1996. During her tenure, she led the Lady Techsters to a national championship and four Final Four appearances. Keep reading to know more about Kim Mulkey’s salary and career.

Kim Mulkey’s Contract And Salary

After a legendary run as head coach of the Baylor women’s college basketball team, Mulkey signed a contract with LSU in 2021 that would keep her there until the 2029 season, and was paid more than $23 million. Her total compensation for the 2022–2023 season is estimated to be $2.14 million.

This figure takes into account both her base salary of $400,000 and a supplemental salary, which is typically used to compensate an individual for additional program-related responsibilities such as speaking engagements and media appearances. With such a remuneration, she is right up there with the women’s college basketball coaches who get the most money.

Kim Mulkey Salary

But Mulkey’s contract isn’t just about a huge compensation; it’s also laden with incentives, some of which she’s already unlocked during this historic run in the March Madness tournament. Mulkey’s prospective bonus earnings are continuing to rise as long as the LSU Tigers keep making progress toward their goals. We can see Kim Mulkey’s salary and also see Aaron Judge’s Salary.

The Residence And Investments Of Kim Mulkey

Kim Mulkey, a coach for the basketball team, is a citizen of the United States (as per allfamousbirthday). Kim Mulkey was born on May 17, 1962, in the city of Santa Ana, which is located in the state of California in the United States.

Allfamousbirthday estimates that Kim Mulkey will have a net worth of around $5 Million by the year 2023. This well-known public figure has amassed a respectable financial fortune thanks to the success of her career.

What is the Professional Career of Kim Mulkey?

Kim Mulkey, a well-known coach, is in charge of the women’s basketball team at Louisiana State University. As a result, she received a gold medal in 1983 and an Olympic gold in 1984. Also, she made history by becoming the first person in NCAA women’s basketball to lead and assist the team while doing so. She also led Baylor to three NCAA championships in 2005, 2012, and 2019.

The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame both inducted Mulkey in 2020. At the 1983 World Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Shew won six games while competing for the USA National team.

SEC Network tweeted that Kim Mulkey is only the third women’s coach ever to take multiple teams to a Final Four. You can see below:

Mulkey, on the other hand, was one of the first American women to play organized baseball. After playing basketball at Nesom Junior High School in Tickfaw, Louisiana, she later led her Hammond High School team to four consecutive state championships. She also excelled academically while attending Louisiana Tech, winning numerous honors and being inducted into the Academic Hall of Fame of the College Sports Information Directors of America.

Mulkey additionally consented to a 10-year contract in 2007 to remain Baylor’s coach. She also has an autobiography called Won’t Back Down: Teams, Dreams, and Family. She achieved NCAA history once again, much like she did in 2012 when she led the Lady Bears to a 40-0 record. You can read about Matthew Rhule’s Salary.

The Lady Bears’ victory over Notre Dame in the NCAA Championship game in Denver, therefore, marked the end of the season. Nonetheless, Mulkey is well known for her “bold” sense of fashion. Mulkey once donned a snakeskin design when he competed against Connecticut. Many strong remarks about her wardrobe choices have been posted online.

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