What Is Julian Newman Age? Which Team Does He Play For?

Julian Newman Age: The American basketball fanatic Julian Newman was born on September 6, 2001, in Orlando, Florida. The various basketball records he broke show that he has had talent since high school.

He became well-known in 2012 while playing basketball for Downey Christian School’s fifth-grade team. Many individuals have rebuked him in the past. While some thought he was a good player, others ridiculed and questioned him. His basketball video became viral, and that’s when he started getting more attention. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Julian Newman Age What Is Julian Newman Age  In 2022?

At the same college, his father acquired a coaching role. Julian scored 63 and 91 points in two middle school contests. He rose to fame on social media due to the “YouTube” video’s viral success. Julian scored more than 3,000 points toward the end of the 2017–2018 school basketball season.

What Is Julian Newman Age?

As of 2022, Julian Newman Age Is  21 years old. He was born on September 6th, 2001, and was raised in Orlando, Florida. He achieved his first recognition at 11 when one of his basketball practice videos went viral online. Several of his YouTube videos have reached over a million views thus far.

Where Was Julian Newman Grow Up?

On September 6, 2001, Julian Newman was born in Orlando, Florida, to Vivian Gonzalez and Jamie Newman. Newman has been passionate about basketball since he was three years old. He played in a leisure league against older boys with a suitable-sized ball.

Julian quickly mastered basketball because both his parents were basketball players. Jaime was Julian’s trainer and coach from an early age. At the age of three, Julian picked up a basketball.

He put a lot of work into his practice, making 200 jump shots, 200 floaters, and 100 free throws daily. In 2012, he enrolled in Downey Christian School. He performed exceptionally well academically, scoring up to 91 points, and at the end of the year, he scored over 3000. (2017 -2018). In 2020, he received his diploma from Prodigy Prep in Orlando, Florida.

What Is Julian Newman’s Net Worth?

What Is Julian Newman Age?
What Is Julian Newman Age?

By 2022, according to the most recent financial statistics, Julian Newman’s net worth should be around $3 million. He earned the most of his money playing varsity basketball.

Additionally, he has many basketball-related YouTube videos that have amassed millions of views. He published his autobiography, “Born Ready,” in 2015. The Elite Mixtapes YouTube channel presently hosts the documentary.

The reality series “Hello Newmans” debuted in 2019 on Overtime, a well-known sports network in the United States, and features the complete Julian Newman family. He founded the “Prodigy” sportswear brand with his father. At his varsity and open games, you may now buy his items.

Which Team Does He Play For?

Julian Newman currently represents Prodigy Prep, a high school his father, Jamie Newman, established. However, when he was in the middle, Julian started playing for the Downey Christian Institution, a small Florida-based private school. He’s been a varsity athlete with excellent success ever since.

Why Is Julian Newman Famous?

Julian enrolled at Downey Christian School in the fall of 2012. Basketball players were known to be welcomed at this university. He started playing on the school’s basketball team that same year.

He had just entered the fifth grade when he triumphed in two matches with scores of 63 and 91. Due to this performance, he rose to fame on YouTube, and his video has since racked up more than a million “views.” Several well-known American media sites, such as “The New York Times” and “People,” reported his story.

Julian was too young, so Jaime spoke on behalf of his son in interviews. Since 12-year-old basketball player Julian was the most widely publicized, his father was also the focus of this criticism.

What Is Julian Newman Age?
What Is Julian Newman Age?

Despite these remarks, he kept up his excellent play, even against boys taller than him, and even established the record for the fastest player to get 1,000 points. In addition to sports, Julian started to gain popularity on YouTube. He made mixtapes of his workouts and routine practice.

Twelve million people have watched the video since it first became popular. In 2013, The Huffington Post named him the “Best Sixth Grade Basket Ball Player You’ve Ever Seen.” At the time, he averaged 13.6 points and 10.5 assists a game.

He was also dubbed “The Best Marketable 12-Year-Old Basketball Player Ever” by the Tampa Bay Times. He scored 1000 points in 2015, breaking the record for the youngest player. Newman set a record with 52 points in a highly-publicized game at the Middle Schools Hoops TV Camp in 2016.

Over 10 million people saw the video’s highlight, and Newman became known as one of the most promising up-and-coming musicians. Newman started playing the leading role in his YouTube biographical movie, Born Ready, in 2015. He also oversees a retail network.

Is Julian Newman Single?

Julian Newman is single and focused on his career right now. Regarding his romantic relationship or partner, there are no media rumors.

Regarding his parents, Julian Newman was raised by Vivian Gonzalez and Jamie Newman. His parents were basketball players, and afterward, his father became a coach. He practiced basketball with one of his sisters, Jaden Newman.

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