Jon Rahms Wife And Everything To Know About

Jon Rahm’s wife, Kelley Cahill, has supported him during his major golf wins. In April 2023, Rahm claimed his first-ever Master’s triumph at Augusta, Georgia. The golfer and Cahill hugged on the 18th hole after the win.

Rahm was the world’s top golfer for a record 60 weeks after winning the Memorial Tournament in July 2020. Just one year later, he became the first Spanish golfer to win the U.S. Open, an experience he described as a “fairy tale.”

Rahm values Cahill, and their sons Kepa and Eneko more than golf wins. He told Golf Digest in 2019 that he was more interested in family and fatherhood than golf. “Don’t get me wrong – I want to be the best golfer I can be. I wouldn’t choose golf if I had to choose one. Family always.” Here’s all to know about Kelley Cahill and her connection with the pro golfer.

Where Did Jon And His Wife Meet?

When Rahm and Cahill were both students at Arizona State University, where he was enrolled on a golf scholarship, Rahm started dating Cahill. At least one year of their connection began in 2016 when Cahill first appeared on Rahm’s Instagram. Rahm posted a picture of the young pair from February 2016: “So much pleasure to spend my first Super Bowl with @cahillkelley.” “I’m grateful that you’re in my life!”

Though they initially met at a Halloween party, Rahm subsequently admitted that he and Cahill are unable to pinpoint the precise moment their relationship at ASU began. Rahm recalled their college days to Golf Digest by saying, “We used to go to this place called Zendejas because she loved their margaritas and we both enjoyed food, and it wasn’t pricey.”

Jon Rahms Wife

Yet we differ on whether or not that was our first official date; we might have met at a football game. Since graduating in 2016, Rahm and Cahill have remained loyal to their old university. They most recently attended an ASU football game in December 2019. During this article, you can also read about Bob Lee Wife.

Cahill Was A College Athlete

Rahm wasn’t the only athlete competing for Arizona State; Cahill competed for the school’s track and field team. With ASU, the native of Oregon threw the javelin, setting a career-best throw at the ASU Invitational in 2013. But Rahm has never tried his wife’s event.

He described the javelin throw to Golf Digest as “such a bizarre move.” “You have to rely on overhand strength, which I don’t have because I play golf. She is much stronger overhand than I am. Furthermore, I didn’t want to hurt myself.”

Cahill also excelled at football while throwing the javelin. Cahill’s outstanding football-throwing prowess has been shown in videos posted by Rahm on Instagram. “Yeah, she has a strong spiral! I should stick to playing golf “In 2017, Rahm captioned several videos of Cahill throwing.

When Did They Get Engaged?

Before Cahill’s participation in the 2018 U.S. Open in June 2018, Rahm proposed to her. In August of the same year, Rahm revealed to reporters at the PGA Championship, “He proposed with a ring he fashioned himself.”

According to reports, “The ring is mine. I understood what I wanted even though she wanted to choose the gem, “explained the Spanish expert. He went on, “It is intended to have an engraving inside and the appearance of a crown. I played a major role in it. She loved it even if it wasn’t exactly what she wanted. That makes things a little more intimate.”

Rahm said he was “100% positive she was going to say yes” and said he didn’t worry about the proposal itself. He told reporters, “I wasn’t really anxious; the only concern I had was to make the day as wonderful as possible. “I was fortunate that it came out very well.”

Jon Rahms Married His Wife

On December 13, 2019, Rahm and Cahill were united in marriage in the church Rahm attended as a boy in his native Bilbao, Spain. At the Hero World Challenge in December 2019, Rahm informed reporters, “It’s going to be a Catholic wedding. The church is one that I basically grew up attending to with my grandma, and it’s a really meaningful location for all residents of the City of Bilbao.”

The first time I see her walk down the aisle, he added, “I think that’s going to be what I’m looking forward to the most, when I see those doors open and see her walking down the aisle for the first time.” Later, Rahm posted pictures of Cahill and him taking their first steps as husband and wife.


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In the caption of an Instagram image, he said, “Last Friday was the finest day of my life; it was a dream wedding in my hometown Bilbao with my gorgeous college love and my better half and now Kelley Rahm.” “It was an honor to marry her there because the Basilica de Begoa holds a particular place in my family and my heart. There isn’t a finer way to finish the year than this!”

Jon Rahms And Cahill Children

Rahm and Cahill have two sons: Kepa and Eneko. Rahm’s first kid, Kepa, was born on April 3, 2021, three days before the 2021 Masters Tournament. Rahm joyfully posted Kepa’s birth on Instagram. Rahm won his first U.S. Open on June 20, 2021—his first Father’s Day—with Kepa’s help.

“If this is a dream, I still haven’t woken up yet — so pleased I can enjoy this with my entire family,” Rahm posted on Instagram after the spectacular triumph. Eneko, Rahm and Cahill’s second kid were born on August 5, 2022, days before Rahm’s big golf tournament. “Eneko Cahill Rahm born August 5th; grateful for another healthy boy!” Rahm wrote with baby photographs. “Kelley, Eneko, and big brother Kepa are great.”

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