John Mulaney GQ Interview

The interview took place on December 15, 2020, as stated in the article’s preface. This was discussed two weeks before it became public knowledge that Mulaney had entered a treatment facility for sixty days. A fast recovery is wished for him from GQ.

After more than two years, Mulaney says he is doing fine and jokes that he will keep the piece forever as a reminder of the tough times. During the final ten minutes of his show, Mulaney says, while holding up the magazine article, “If I ever feel that I need a reminder of just how bad things used to be, I luckily have this.”

“This is an interview that I gave to GQ magazine that I have absolutely no memory of giving,” he continues. “Have you ever had a conversation on drugs that you don’t remember having the next day? Was it a very long interview?” Mulaney recalls that a reporter had apparently called to interview him while he “was on a lot of cocaine,” and then proceeds to read some highlights from the chaotic “wide-ranging conversation.”

In one section of the essay, Mulaney describes his day, including a trip by what is described as “supposedly the most haunted building in New York City.” GQ followed up by inquiring whether he was getting “a chill or a bad vibe.” It used to make me feel horrible, but now it doesn’t,” Mulaney said. I’m pretty sure I recognized it the first time I walked by. Perhaps I made up the negative feelings.” Mulaney stops reading aloud during his presentation to address the crowd and wonders aloud, “What could he mean?” Look at the Tom Sandoval Interview About The Highs And Lows!

He continues to read tidbits from the article, appearing baffled by his answers. “By the way, they have editors,” he cheekily notes. “They could have helped me out.”

Throughout the special, Mulaney mentions how he struggled with substance misuse of several drugs, telling audiences about the night his friends (which include Seth Meyers, Nick Kroll, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Natasha Lyonne) staged an intervention. “As mad as I was when I walked in there, I was like, this is a good lineup, this is really flattering in its own way,” he says of the “star-studded intervention.” After watching John Mulaney GQ Interview you have a look at Scarlett Johansson’s Comment On Ex-Husband Ryan Reynolds A ‘He Is A Good Guy’.

John Mulaney GQ Interview

Mulaney remains appreciative of their efforts. “Getting to do this show, and standing here, listen, I am grateful to everyone at my intervention. They intervened. They confronted me, and they totally saved my life.”

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