Who Is Joey Zauzig Fiance? Is He Gay?

Joey Zauzig, an American model, TikTok celebrity, Instagram sensation, and social media starlet, is most known for serving as the spokesperson and face of numerous businesses, such as Levis, Asos Man, and Hermes.

On social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, he is well-known for posting stuff about his lifestyle, attractive photos, and modeling. Additionally, he has been highlighted as a health and wellness insider in GQ Magazine.

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Who Is Joey Zauzig Fiance?

Zauzig and Brian Grossman are engaged, and he frequently posts pictures of the two on Instagram. In July 2021, the couple announced their engagement, and Zauzig has called Grossman his “best friend” and the one he “can’t imagine living without.”

Instagram photos from the day they got engaged show the couple having a good time at their engagement party, where Grossman gave Zauzig a watch to commemorate the moment.

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Like many famous people before him, Joey started his modeling career on social media, particularly on Instagram. He initially began sharing his shirtless photos taken in beautiful locations on his Instagram account.

Joey Zauzig shared his shirtless photo on an Instagram account @Joeyzauzig.


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He also began posting his modeling videos and photoshoots to Instagram. He became well-known over time as a result of his Instagram videos and photographs going viral. He currently has a few thousand followers on his Instagram account with the same name.

Numerous fashion, health, and fitness brands approached him due to his growing fan base. Maison Valentino, Levi, Queer Eye, Hermes, Office Generale, and Asos Man stand out. He also started working as a model for well-known photographers. Additionally, he was allowed to appear in GQ magazine as a health and wellness insider.

When Did Joy Jozig Get Engaged?

Joey announced on Instagram that he had been engaged for a year on July 4, 2022. In the article, he referred to Brian as his “best buddy” and said the two planned to remodel their house before getting engaged.

According to the Instagram photo slideshow Joey posted, Brian surprised his fiancée with a stunning watch to celebrate their engagement. In 2021, Joey used TikTok to declare that it had been his “most transformative year ever.”

In 2021, he got engaged, relocated to LA, acquired a dog, and purchased his “dream automobile.” Tux, a French Bulldog, is the pup of Biran and Joey.


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Is He Gay?

At his private Catholic high school, Zauzig experienced bullying and said that there was a “target on [his] back” after being called “gay” and “flamboyant” by other pupils.

In a YouTube video titled “My Coming Out Story Emotional,” Zauzig revealed how he had a sexual encounter with a boy while in high school and eventually accepted his sexuality. However, he chose not to tell anybody about this because his parents were divorcing, and he had no friends at the time.

When Zauzig switched to a public school, he experienced bullying because of his alleged sexual orientation once more. He started seeing another person in his tenth grade and frequenting homosexual bars in Washington, D.C., informing his parents he was attending “high school parties.”

Before entering the eleventh grade, he came out as gay to a few of his female friends. On his birthday, he also told his mother he was gay after initially telling her he was bisexual. She said, “Honey, I know. I’ve been aware of that for a long time,” Zauzig recalled. “She welcomed me with open arms.”

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