Jim Nantz Divorce: The Bitter Divorce Of CBS Star

Jim Nantz, who stars on CBS and is a broadcasting legend, has experienced some of the difficulties that frequently accompany success.

The name Nantz is well-known, and he is a prominent public personality. When things go wrong for Jim Nantz, whether it be a missed call or something in his personal life, the media and fans alike will examine his plight in the same manner that they discussed the interceptions or injuries that his partner Tony Romo suffered.

All of this is significant because Nantz, like a significant number of the athletes and coaches he has met and worked with, once went through a divorce that was very public and extremely contentious.

Nantz’s Divorce Was Acrimonious And Costly

Since November 2009, when information about Jim Nantz’s private life became available to the public, it is likely that he would have preferred to keep certain things secret.

In the fall of 2009, Nantz and his wife Lorrie finalized their divorce and became legally separated. The New York Daily News reports that a judge in Connecticut has ordered Nantz to pay his ex-wife an annual amount of alimony and child support that totals close to one million dollars.

Jim Crandell tweeted that CBS’s Jim Nantz just got divorced. You can see below:

Technically, Nantz owed his wife $72,000 each and every month, in addition to paying child support of $1,000 each and every week. The total amount that these charges amounted to each year was $916,000.

According to the Daily News, Nantz had a yearly salary of $3.9 million at the time. The alimony that Nantz paid to his ex-wife continued until either he died or she remarried, and he was responsible for paying his daughter’s education expenses until she reached 23. On June of 2012, Nantz married Courtney, who is now the mother of his two children from a previous marriage.

Jim Nantz Is A Legendary CBS Broadcaster

Jim Nantz has been greeting viewers with “hi, friends” and a tone that is reminiscent of that of a grandfather for close to 35 years. This way of thinking has been beneficial to Nantz. Play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz will again work for CBS to provide coverage of the Super Bowl on February 7. You should read about the most interesting Rupert Murdoch Divorce.

One of the most well-known and well-liked announcing groups in all of sports is comprised of Nantz, the former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo, and sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson. As a second sideline analyst for the postseason, former National Football League kicker Jay Feely has joined them.

Nantz works for CBS in a variety of capacities when he is not calling touchdowns, including college basketball and The Masters. Nantz was recently inducted into the National Sports Media Association Hall of Fame as a result of the accomplishments of his career.

Jim Nantz Was Hardly The Only Sports Personality In Such Position

Jim Nantz is not the first prominent person in sports to go through a divorce that was fraught with conflict and exhausting on their financial resources, but he is one of the most recent.

A nearly $15 million divorce settlement was awarded to Michael Strahan’s ex-wife as part of their divorce proceedings. Strahan was a prominent player for the New York Giants for many years. Another former NFL star, Terrell Owens, had substantial financial difficulties following his retirement because he owed child support payments to three different women. This caused him to be sued by all three of them.

Jim Nantz Divorce
Jim Nantz Divorce

According to a report by Syracuse.com, in 2018, the talented player for the Detroit Pistons, Blake Griffin, refuted reports that he was forced to make child support payments in the amount of $258,000. You can also read about Fred Toucher Divorce.

Despite the consistent blows that have been delivered to Nantz’s bank account over the past ten years, things have gone relatively well for him. This is despite the fact that the majority of the time things have gone well for him. It would be to his advantage if things turned out substantially better with his second wife, Courtney, than they did with his first wife, Lorrie. His best interests would be served by this outcome.

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