Jessica Simpson Reveals She Had An Affair With A Movie Star!

This week, Jessica Simpson revealed details of one of her previous relationships. According to Us Weekly, the “With You” singer spoke up about personal aspects of her history in an excerpt from Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single.

Simpson, 42, spoke about her relationship with a “big movie actor” she met at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards while breaking up with her then-boyfriend Nick Lachey, whom she later wed in 2002, without ever disclosing his identity.

“This megastar, I thought was so hot growing up, eyeballed me all the time… ” Simpson started. “Oh, this is what being hit on feels like. Considering that, other than my ex-boyfriend, no other man had ever been so forthright about gazing at me provocatively. I wanted people to see me in that light; at least He leaned forward so I could hear him better and put a hand on my hip.”

Ultimately, Jessica said she “wasn’t ready” for the relationship and “fled.” “I made some excuse and acted like Cinderella in bad booties. I wish I could say I was playing it cool. I later found out this was seen as ‘playing hard to get,” she continued.

After she rushed away from their initial encounter, she ran into him in a Los Angeles gym and invited him to appear in one of her music videos. “You could be my lead guy,’ I offered to this man who made millions and millions per film,” she wrote.

When she reunited with Lachey in 2001, their relationship ended, but following their divorce in 2006, they eventually got back together. When Mystery Man showed up on the red carpet with his girlfriend at the time, their hopes of sharing their first kiss at the Beverly Hills Hilton were dashed.

“I was never ever going to be the other woman in a million years,” she said, adding that Mystery Man said his other relationship was “completely over.”

Jessica Simpson Reveals She Had An Affair With A Movie Star!

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Simpson and Mystery Man continued to go to events together and even paid him a visit on the set, but the “Take My Breath Away” singer felt something wasn’t quite right. “Yes, there was a seductive and alluring quality to it, but there was also a humiliating quality.

I thought I was a call girl, “She spoke. “This was not a decision that the same person, my younger self, would be proud of,” I said, “even though he was my teenage fantasy come to life.”

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