Love Is Blind: Iyanna McNeely Claims Jarrette Jones Cheated During Their Marriage

Iyanna McNeely is talking about why her marriage to Jarrette Jones did end on Love Is Blind. McNeely, who is 29, said Jones, who is 33, cheated on her Feel in the Blank podcast. She said she learned about this when Netflix was sh00ting season 2 of After the Altar.

Iyanna McNeely Claims Jarrette Jones Cheated

“Jarrette was fraudulent. I found out three days before After the Altar came away,” she said. “I got an email with a lot of specific information,” McNeely said her first thought was to get a divorce, which she did in October 2022.

“I said, ‘I want to get a divorce. She said, “I want a divorce, but my mom talked me out of it.” “And my mom said, ‘Iyanna, you’re making a choice based on anger,’ and I realized she was right. I couldn’t do that because it was a wedding.”

After trying for months to make things work, McNeely and Jones both understood that they were “unhappy.” She also said, “It didn’t fit at all. He wasn’t ready, and I guess I wasn’t ready either, in a way. But I would have been a good wife to someone who was a good partner to me.”

Iyanna McNeely Claims Jarrette Jones Cheated During Their Marriage

Fans know that McNeely and Jones met in the pods and got engaged in the second season of the Netflix hit. Even though the couple got married in the end, there were some bumps in the road before the big day.

The two Chicagoans worried that their different ways of life, like Jones’s desire to go out and party, would clash, but ultimately, they decided to compromise to make their relationship work. Love Is Blind: The Altar showed that things got rough for McNeely and Jones not long after marriage.

“Getting married isn’t easy. If anybody tries to tell you it is, that’s a lie,” Jones said, as McNeely added, “Is this a mistake we made? Or, is it something worth fighting for?” McNeely talked about why she would finally tell her side of the story after being quiet for months on her show.

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“I haven’t been able to talk about what happened in my divorce, and it’s been driving me crazy. “Okay, I won’t say anything about it,” she said. “The first reason is that I know how it will affect Jarrette. Number two is that I lied so much to this man and tried to protect him. And number three, if I’m being honest, I can’t say anything because I returned for a second.”

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Jones hasn’t said anything about McNeely’s claims, but he did say, “Been taking the high road for quite some time… story time soon” in an Instagram Story that has since disappeared, according to Entertainment Tonight. People have tried to get Jones to say more about what happened.

Even though McNeely and Jones’s divorce was settled in November, they seem to be getting along well now. The reality star was taken to the hospital in February because she had a Bartholin cyst. Jones was one of the people who helped McNeely when she was in pain.

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