How Tall Is Bryce Hall? How Did He Start His YouTube Career?

A musician from the US with a $2 million net worth, Bryce Hall is a social media star. He is well-known thanks to his Instagram celebrity. In August 1999, Bryce Hall was born in Maryland. He has more than eight million TikTok admirers and more than four million Instagram followers. Despite having a successful YouTube channel since 2015, Hall has found a wave of recognition as a TikTok influencer.

Hall has a loyal following and early success, but he also has a reputation for causing controversies and saying controversial things.2014 saw Hall start utilizing Vine. He participated in the Press Play Tour and is a part of the Sway House social group that also includes Kio Cyr and Josh Richards. As of 2022, he has a $2 million net worth.

Hall began his career on YouNow when he was 15 years old. He started live broadcasting to make friends after being bullied. He gained notoriety in 2014 as a result of his success on the social media sites Vine and Musically. He had more than 30,000 followers until Vine was shut down in 2016.

Two years later, Hall moved from Maryland to Los Angeles. He was one of the most well-known social media influencers featured in the 2019 Jawline documentary. It covers his early professional life as well as his legal disputes with his former management.

In 2020, he and five other internet celebrities moved into the Sway House. The house was owned by TalentX Entertainment, a company that produces material for various social media platforms.

Earlier this year, he got into a Twitter argument with Austin McBroom. The match’s undercard later this year became a competition called Youtuber vs. Tiktokeers. McBroom and Hall got into a fight on stage during the press conference for the event. Using a TKO, McBroom defeated Hall.

Where Did Bryce Hall Start His TikTok Career?

Since his TikTok following is higher than that of any of his previous accounts, Bryce Hall is referred to as a TikTok. The humour, lip-syncing, dance, and vlog videos on Hall’s account are popular with his followers.

He frequently collaborates with other TikTok celebrities, like Blake Gray and Tayler Holder. Throughout all of his postings, Hall is anticipated to earn about $3,000 per TikTok from brand arrangements.

According to Celebs Fortune, Hall makes roughly $8,000 from every posting. With such a large fanbase, this statistic is predicated on the number of sponsorships he receives. He recently worked with the energy drink firm Ani Energy, and one paragraph of his work received around 900k likes. Impressive!

Finally, in addition to the brand alliances, Instagram is a very effective channel for Hall to drive traffic to both his Merch store and YouTube videos, which are crucial to his success and income.

How Tall Is Bryce Hall?
How Tall Is Bryce Hall?

How Did He Start His YouTube Career?

With an average of 150,000 views each day, Hall’s income from YouTube advertising is substantial. Using those views as a guide, we can assume that he makes roughly $800 per day, $5,600 per week, or almost $292,000 per year from just adverts.

In addition to advertisements, Hall has taken part in sponsored projects for which he is unquestionably well paid. His most recent videos, which included a Chapstick Challenge with Addison Rae and a subsequent one titled “Reacting to our TikToks,” have received over 7 million views.

Who Is Bryce Hall Dating Now?

Early in 2019, Bryce Hall and Elle Danjean began dating before calling it quits a few months later. They shared videos and pictures of themselves on social media while they were dating. They abruptly ended their relationship, but they initially claimed that they had done it amicably.

When a video of them fighting started viral on social media, it contradicted the story of their “amicable breakup.” They appeared to be fighting over Elle’s Juul in that video. Hall was heard ignoring Elle’s repeated requests to strike her. Although they initially denied appearing in the video, they eventually both admitted it was them. This is the video:

The argument that sparked the altercation was that Bryce had received a number of death threats from people who knew Elle directly. Because Elle had given his number to people he didn’t know without his permission, Bryce was concerned and “pissed.”

Elle appeared to apologize for her actions on camera, but her main concern was that the footage had leaked on social media. They have deleted the majority of the pictures and videos of them together on social media as of 2022, and they no longer communicate or follow one another there.

How Tall Is Bryce Hall?

5 feet 9 inches tall and 77 kg, Bryce Hall is a man. He has fashionable brown hair and piercing black eyes. Unfortunately, he has not provided any additional details regarding his breast, waist, hips, or biceps measurements or any other physical measurements.

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