How Old is Kevin Costner? The Yellowstone Star’s Career Spans Decades

Kevin Costner began acting later than most because he wanted to pursue a career in the film until he was well into his 20s. He was set to start full-time work in the marketing field, had already earned his college degree, and was even married. But he also enrolled in acting school on the side since he had an acting itch.

Given that, unlike Kevin Costner, people often start performing in plays or other performances earlier in school to establish a reputation, this isn’t the typical path to popularity in Hollywood for many. Costner’s situation was very different, and this seemed more like a side job or hobby than a chance for a successful profession. If you were to look at Kevin Costner’s current net worth, you wouldn’t realize that he was heading in a very different way.

Kevin Costner made his acting debut in Sizzle Beach in 1978 he was 23. No need to worry if you’ve never heard of the movie; nobody else has either. It wasn’t released for many years and is now largely forgotten in the annals of cinema. Before the big breaks arrived, there would be supporting roles after that.

Kevin Costner: Career and Awards

Kevin Costner is a phenomenal actor who is counted as one of the best of this generation. He is an exceptional actor with brilliant acting skills. He is a very versatile actor, with various films throughout his career. Kevin made his acting debut in 1974, but he got recognition by the end of 1986.

He finally became famous in 1987 for the movie The Untouchables and No Way Out. He worked with many prominent Hollywood actors, matching their acting with equal superiority. Kevin featured in many more outstanding movies like Dance With Wolves, JFK, A Perfect World, Man of Steel, and many more.

Kevin has won many awards and accolades in his career. He has won almost all kinds of prizes like Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Academy Awards, etc.

Where did Kevin Costner Complete his Studies?

Kevin Costner shifted a lot in his early childhood, and because of that, he had to change a lot of schools. He completed high school studies, graduated from Villa Park High School, and later went to California State University. Kevin got his bachelor of arts degree in marketing and finance from California State University.

how old is kevin costner

Is Kevin Costner Married, and How Many Kids Does He Have?

Kevin Costner has been married twice and has seven children from three different relationships. In 1975 while still in college, Kevin began dating fellow student Cindy Silva, and they married three years later. They had three children together: daughters Annie (born 1984) and Lily (born 1986) and son Joe (born 1988).

The couple divorced in 1994 after 16 years of marriage. He also has a son, Liam Timothy (born 1996), with Bridget Rooney, with whom he had a brief relationship. In 2004, Kevin married his girlfriend of four years, model and handbag designer Christine Baumgartner. The couple has three children: sons Cayden (born 2007) and Hayes (born 2009), and daughter Grace (born 2010).

Kevin Costner’s Career Earnings

With his long and successful film director and star career, Kevin Costner has maintained consistently high earnings.

Here’s an estimated overview of Kevin Costner’s career earnings:

  • Kevin Costner’s Salary In 1990 – $3 million
  • Kevin Costner’s Salary In 1991 – $7 million
  • Kevin Costner’s Salary In 1995 – $14 million
  • Kevin Costner’s Salary In 1998 – $1.5 million
  • Kevin Costner’s Salary In 2000 – $15 million
  • Kevin Costner’s Salary In 2002 – $15 million
  • Kevin Costner’s Salary In 2006 – $43 million
  • Kevin Costner’s Salary In 2010 – $19.4 million

What Is Kevin Costner’s Net Worth?

Kevin Costner is one of the wealthiest celebrities in Hollywood. He has a massive net worth of $300 million, which he has earned through all his movies and television works. Kevin Costner is an exceptional actor who has made many outstanding movies. He is a highly admired and decorated actor. 

Name Kevin Michael Costner
Net Worth (2022) $300 Million
Profession Actor, producer, and musician 
Monthly Income And Salary $3.5 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary $40 Million +
Last Updated 2022

How Old is Kevin Costner, and Where is He From?

Kevin Costner was born on January 18, 1955, in Lynwood, California. He celebrated his 67th birthday in 2022. He is the youngest of three boys, the second of whom died at birth. His mother, Sharon Rae (née Tedrick), was a welfare worker. His father, William Costner, was an electrician and utility executive at Southern California Edison.

Is Kevin Costner Also a Singer?

Yes! Kevin Costner is the singer of his band Kevin Costner & Modern West, a country rock band he founded in the 2000s.In 2007, they began a world tour which included shows in Istanbul and Rome.

The band released their country album, Untold Truths, in 2008. They followed this up with 2010’s Turn it On and 2020’s Tales from Yellowstone.

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