Erik Spoelstra Wife Nikki And Their Kids

In case you weren’t aware of it already, Erik Spoelstra, the head coach of the Miami Heat, is married to one of the team’s former cheerleaders. Nikki Spoelstra was formerly known as Niki Sapp before she married Erik Spoelstra, the head coach for the Miami Heat. Her current name is Nikki Spoelstra. The following is some additional information regarding coach Spo’s more attractive half.

Who Is Nikki Sapp?

Nikki Sapp’s birthday is March 22nd, 1987, and she was born in Florida. She is of Puerto Rican and Spanish ancestry. Nikki may be best recognized as the ex-dancer for the Miami Heat and as the wife of Erik Spoelstra, the head coach of the Miami Heat, who has won two NBA titles during his tenure as the team’s head coach.

Despite this, the truth is that Nikki actually has a very interesting history prior to her rise to stardom. In point of fact, describing her as merely a former cheerleader would be doing her a great disservice. Nikki received her education in art and design from Miami International University. It appears that she was awarded a full scholarship in order to complete her bachelor’s degree in fashion design and graduate with honors. We have the most interesting article related to this, like Is Taylor Swift Married To Joe Alwyn?

Erik Spoelstra Wife

Nikki had been the director of the illustrious Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery in West Hollywood, which is situated in the state of California. According to the claims, in order to fulfill her responsibilities as the gallery’s top honcho, she commuted between Miami and Los Angeles on a regular basis. You have come to know Nikki Sap and Erik Spoelstra’s love story, Now click on this link to see about Ariana Grande And Dalton Gomez Relationship.

Nikki has also had experience working in education. She used to work as a teacher in South Florida middle schools, where she instructed kids in Language Arts. She was actually quite successful in this area, and she was awarded the title of Teacher of the Year at one point in recognition of her outstanding contributions.

Nikki first became acquainted with coach Spo during her time spent working as a dancer for the Heat. At the time, Nikki was only 18 years old. During that time period, she was still a student. Reportedly, the couple started d@ting after Nikki had already moved on from the team and was working as a director at the Hollywood art museum. In 2016, Erik and Nikki became man and wife by tying the knot. She frequently posts photos of herself with her children on her Instagram account. You can check below:


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They are the parents of two sons, Santiago (2018) and Dante (2019), both of whom were born in 2018. The couple made the happy announcement that they were going to have a third child in June 2022. It was discovered at a later time that they were going to have a daughter.

Nikki is the host of her own podcast, which goes by the name The Know with Nikki Spo. On her website, it is said that the purpose of the podcast is “to highlight the stories of tenacious women.”

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