Dui Patrols For New Year Weekend: UHP To Increase Dui Patrols, And Enforcement During New Year Weekend!

Dui Patrols For New Year Weekend: The Utah Highway Patrol troopers intend to enhance patrols over the New Year’s holiday. Soldiers will be dispersed across the Wasatch Front and into northern and southern Utah areas rather than concentrated in one place.

The New Year’s Eve blitz aims to ensure that they uphold their commitment to their purpose of Zero Fatalities and protecting Utahns from drunk driving.

Sgt. Cameron Roden of the Utah Highway Patrol stated, “We want to make sure that people have a wonderful holiday, enjoy it, celebrate it, and have a good time, but we also want to make sure everyone gets home safely.”

Reports on the roadways from Christmas weekend, Dec. 23–26, were just made public by UHP. According to the report, 172 collisions were reported, 714 persons received over 100 mph citations, and 39 DUIs were issued. Only 21 DUIs were reported in 2021. UHP wishes that drinking and driving during the holidays be stopped.

Dui Patrols For New Year Weekend
Dui Patrols For New Year Weekend

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“It captures our attention because we have observed increased fatalities and drunk driving. We constantly step up our enforcement and messaging to deter individuals from drinking and driving around holidays and other special occasions since we know that this tendency tends to increase, “Added Roden.

He hopes Utahns will continue to observe the holidays but responsibly. “We notice increased impairment the more alcohol you consume, and we don’t want it to lead to a fatal accident out on the roads.

If we can assist in making wise decisions up front, we can help prevent those tragedies because when people are wounded, it affects many people.”

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