Dogs of Berlin season 2: Release date, Cast, and Plot, Trailer!

Dogs of Berlin is a Netflix original series and the streaming platform’s second German series to be released in the evening. The first photographs of the project’s continuing construction were released in April 2018. Netflix released the TV series worldwide on December 7th, 2018. The first season of this show contains ten scenes. Felix Kramer portrayed Kurt Grimmer in the television series.

The neo-Nazis, a Lebanese family tribe from the same area as the footballer, Turkish patriots who are angry that he is playing for Germany rather than Turkey, football enthusiasts, and Berlin’s mafia, among others, are being investigated as possible organizers of the protest.

The evidence could potentially lead to some of the city’s most prestigious institutions. The two cops must go further into Berlin’s mysterious underground in order to uncover the truth. The second season of Dogs of Berlin, a German television series, is currently being explored.

Dogs of Berlin: Ratings

On IMDb, Dogs of Berlin has a 7.6/10 rating, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it has an 83 percent rating.

Dogs of Berlin Season 2 Release Date

The premiere date for Dogs of Berlin Season 2 has yet to be determined by the show’s makers. The previous season, on the other hand, was a big hit thanks to its engaging and dramatic plot. A new season is expected to debut towards the end of this year or the beginning of the following year. It also has a 7.4 out of 10 IMDb rating.

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Dogs of Berlin Season 2 Story

The series starts with the clock. Kurt Grimmer is at his courtesan Bine’s loft in Berlin’s Marzahn neighborhood when he notices police activity nearby. In a homicide, Germany’s top soccer player, Orkan Erdem, was killed. The stakes are high as Germany takes against Turkey in the World Cup’s passing equivalent tomorrow.

Bine has effectively placed the wager at this time. During this time, German-Turkish cop Erol Birkan is carrying out an undercover operation against drug lord Hakim Tarik-Amir, but things go tragically wrong when he realizes that Tarik-Amir was aware of their presence.

Despite this, he strikes up a conversation with Murad, an immature young rapper wanting to make it big through Tarik-Amir. Grimmer returns to his cozy house and family as the concert come to a conclusion, stopping to pet a stray puppy along the way. Birkan also reconnects with his male lover.

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When the police magistrate learned that Grimmer, a neo-Nazi, was directing the inquiry into Erdem’s killing, he requested that the team be led by a Turkish-German officer. Grimmer’s manager, Erol Birkan, feels he can fill the role, but Birkan isn’t interested. He gives Murad and his sister passes to the passing contest.

Grimmer’s new dog, which the Grimmer had previously claimed as his, quickly cut up Erdem’s missing finger. One witness claims to have seen Erdem’s Lamborghini drive away from the killing scene with four Arabs. Despite the fact that Erdem had no desire to play in the first place, one of the agents feels the Germans can still win without him.

In the third episode, we see that Grimmer’s entire strategy works, as none of German’s team members survives. The murders of Tarik-Amir, Kovac, and Erdem are all tied to Tarik-claimed Amir’s ties to Grimmer. Grimmer then goes to check on Bine, who he discovers to be in good health.

He vows to assist her, but he also warns her that Paula is his true love. Birkan confronts his father in front of Turkish-German spectators after the game, but he is beaten up by men in masks, including Grimmer, who warn him against joining the squad.

Grimmer tries to recover his profits from the game in order to take care of Kovac in the fourth episode, but he discovers that the bookie has been dead. He only succeeds in discovering his own papers, not Bine’s, thus it’s a pointless endeavor.

To hide his tracks, he has the club burst and the bouncer lose his balance. To hide his tracks, Grimmer has the bookie’s murder reassigned to his own squad. Grimmer’s activities, according to Birkan, will not help him heal from his injuries. More information about Erdem’s murder is becoming available to the public.

Dogs of Berlin Season 2 Trailer

Because there isn’t a teaser, The formal announcement for the second season of Dogs of Berlin has yet to be made, but we’ll let you know as soon as it is. If there is any news from the show’s creators, the trailer for this series will be released within a few days.

Dogs of Berlin Season 2 Cast

The two main protagonists in this film are Turkish-German footballer Erol Birkan (Fahri Yardm) and Kurt Grimmer (Felix Kramer). Fahri Yardm plays an ethnic Turkish German police officer who is transferred from his medication examination to co-head the team investigating the homicide of a VIP Turkish-German football.

Paula Grimmer, Kurt’s better half, is played by Katharina Schüttler, while Gert Seiler, Grimmer’s quick administrator, is played by Urs Rechn. Deniz Orta plays Ma Issam, Kurt’s deeply anti-Semitic mother, and Katrin Sass plays Eva Grimmer, Kurt’s deeply anti-Semitic mother. Sebastian Zimmer portrays Ulf Grimmer, the leader of a white patriot group.

Dogs of Berlin season 2
Dogs of Berlin season 2

Petrovic is played by Alina Stiegler, Trinity Sommer is played by Hannah Herzsprung, Hans Kuscha is played by Antonio Wannek, Tomo Kovac is played by Miale Matievi, Stipe is played by Ivan Vrgo, and Nike Strack is played by Jasna Fritzi Bauer.

Actor Name Character Name
Samy Abdel Fattah as Raif Tarik-Amir
Sebastian Achilles as Guido Mack
Tayfun Bademsoy as Emre Birkan
David Bennent as Späti
Hassan Chahrour as Abdel Nasser
Deniz Cooper as Aykut Kubat
Werner Daehn as Hardy Kranz
Yasin El Harrouk as Fahd
Sinan Farhangmehr as Hakim Tarik-Amir
Sebastian Freigang as TV Moderator
Robert Gallinowski as Johann Henkenmaier
Sohel Altan Gol as Djamal
Christian Intorp as Sportmoderator
Mohamed Issa as Murad Issam
Benedikt Jenke as Finn Grimmer
Felix Kramer as Kurt Grimmer
Misel Maticevic as Tomo Kovac
Lara-Sophie Milagro as Lisa Bou’ Penga


Against their will, two distinct Berlin police detectives form a team. They battle the Berlin underground, which forces them to confront their own humanity and criminality. Detectives make the final choice as to which side of the law they belong on.


The play is based on current events in Germany and is intended to be humorous. Similarly, the series depicts the clashes between Neo-Nazis, Turkish motor gangs, and Berlin’s mafias, all of which are featured in the series. Apart from that, the show has spoken out against gangs, gambling, bad cops, racism, and other sorts of discrimination. Throughout the series, the Neo-Nazis show intolerance toward Turks.

The series starts out at a breakneck, unmanageable pace that never lets up. Conflicts between Germany’s underbelly and gangs are dramatized. Dogs of Berlin is one of the best pictures ever made depicting East Germans and their hate of West Germans. “Dogs of Berlin” is a critically acclaimed mystery series set in Berlin that presents a unique form of the murder mystery.

When there will be Dogs of Berlin Season 2?

The Netflix television series has ten episodes in its second season. With the premiere of the first episode on December 3rd, 2021, Season 2 will begin airing. A table provides season-by-season information

Episode Number Netflix Release Date Episode Name
2X01 December 3rd, 2021 Episode 1
2X02 December 3rd, 2021 Episode 2
2X03 December 3rd, 2021 Episode 3
2X04 December 3rd, 2021 Episode 4
2X05 December 3rd, 2021 Episode 5
2X06 December 3rd, 2021 Episode 6
2X07 December 3rd, 2021 Episode 7
2X08 December 3rd, 2021 Episode 8
2X09 December 3rd, 2021 Episode 9
2X10 December 3rd, 2021 Episode 10

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