Charles Barkley Weight Loss: ‘I’m Working Out, I’m Taking My Shot Once a Week’

Charles Barkley offers his tips for losing weight.

The 60-year-old NBA star discussed his routine on the Pat McAfee show.

He says, “I’m working out, and I’m taking my shot once a week,” referring to Mounjaro, a medication combined with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in persons with type 2 diabetes.

On the May 26 episode of the Dan Patrick Show, he initially revealed that he was climbing Mounjaro.

Charles Barkley Weight Loss

Among the top 20 all-time NBA rebounders, Barkley revealed to McAfee that he had shed 62 pounds.

“I started at 352 [lbs.],” he said. “And I’m down to 290. I’m starting to feel like a human being, not a fat ass anymore.”


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Then he stated that he wanted to weigh 270 pounds.

“My doctor told me, she says, there’s a lot of fat young people. Ain’t a lot of fat old people, they’re all dead.”

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McAfee questioned him, “Do you know what it’s doing to you exactly?” after learning that he took a shot to lose weight.

Barkley acknowledged ignorance.

“I have zero idea what it does!” Barkley said, laughing.

Tirzepatide is sold under the brand names Mounjaro and Wegovy, which are both medications that work in the brain to affect satiety.

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