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Shameless, created by John Wells, aired on Showtime from January 9, 2011, until April 11, 2021. The ensemble cast, fronted by William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, adapts Paul Abbott’s British series of the same name. Chicago’s South Side hosts the show. Shameless premiered its ninth season on September 9, 2018, becoming Showtime’s longest-running original scripted series. The tenth season premiered on November 10, 2019, after being renewed in January 2019.

The eleventh and final season was renewed in January 2020 and was supposed to premiere in mid-2020, however, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed it until December 6, 2020. Showtime announced on December 14, 2020, that Shameless: Hall of Shame would premiere during Season 11, combining new sequences with excerpts from the show to recap the characters’ experiences throughout the last 10 seasons. Keep reading this article for introduced Shameless Cast members.

Cast Of Shameless

The main cast of Shameless includes:

  • William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher
  • Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher
  • Jeremy Allen White as Phillip “Lip” Gallagher
  • Ethan Cutkosky as Carl Gallagher
  • Shanola Hampton as Veronica “V” Fisher
  • Steve Howey as Kevin “Kev” Ball
  • Emma Kenney as Debbie Gallagher
  • Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher
  • Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovich
  • Isidora Goreshter as Svetlana Yevgenivna

Other actors who have had recurring or guest roles on the show include Joan Cusack, Dermot Mulroney, Emily Bergl, Zach McGowan, and Kate Miner, among others. The IMBD Of Shameless is 8.6 out of 10.

Emmy Rossum As Fiona Gallagher

Rossum portrayed Fiona for nine seasons. She is the oldest of the five Gallagher kids, who are from the South Side of Chicago. Although she worked odd jobs to support her siblings, the star’s tough, mother-figure role faced every hardship her dysfunctional family threw at her.

The actress, who made her exit from the series official in August 2018, has since made appearances in Cold Pursuit (2018), A Futile and Dumb Gesture (2018), and as the title character in the Peacock limited series Angelyne (2022).

Although Rossum’s character was supposed to make a surprise appearance during the show’s final season, it didn’t happen after the season 9 finale. Rossum’s final appearance was not feasible due to schedule conflicts and COVID-19 lockdowns, according to series creator John Wells, who added that it “simply didn’t feel safe or practical for her to come back.”

Jeremy Allen White As Lip Gallagher

White has portrayed the role of Lip throughout all 11 seasons of the show. The lip is a fan favorite and is second in charge. Since the first season of the show aired in 2011, the lead actor has gone on to star in a number of other projects, including The Time Being (2012), Bad Turn Worse (2013), The Rental (2020), The Birthday Cake (2021), as well as a few short films. After that, he became a main cast member of the Hulu series The Bear.

Cast Of Shameless

William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher

Before taking on the role of Frank, the family’s troublesome alcoholic absent father, Macy had a long and successful career. He was nominated for an Oscar in 1997 for his performance as Jerry Lundegaard in the film Fargo. Before being a mainstay on Shameless for all 11 seasons, Macy also starred in Boogie Nights (1997) and Pleasantville (1998).

Since the debut of Shameless in 2011, Macy has continued to make appearances in a variety of movies and television programs, including The Sessions (2012), Cake (2014), Room (2015), and The Dropout on Hulu. They are considering more season casts, such as Asteroid City.

Steve Howey as Kevin Ball

Howey portrays Kevin Ball, a friendly neighbor, and bartender at Frank’s preferred local establishment. The actor starred in episodes of New Girl, Sons of Anarchy, Workaholics, and Law & Order: SVU while filming the program Shameless before playing Van Montgomery on Reba from 2001 through 2007.

Following the conclusion of Shameless, Howey was chosen for the lead position in the CBS remake of the 1994 hit film True Lies, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shanola Hampton as Veronica Fisher

Before winning her role on Shameless, Hampton had recurring appearances on other television shows like Related and Miami Hospital. Her character, Veronica, is a clever and beautiful woman who is married to Kevin. Hampton plays her. Hampton also made an appearance in the film Deadly Illusions in 2021. She was also given a role in the NBC comedy pilot Night School, which is modeled after the 2018 film of the same name starring Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart. But, Variety reports that production of the pilot was halted before it could begin.

Ethan Cutkosky as Carl Gallagher

Before getting the role of Carl, the delinquent member of the Gallagher family who cares profoundly for his siblings, Cutkosky had done print advertising and commercials in addition to having a small role in 2007’s Fred Claus. At the age of 11, Cutkosky was cast in the role of Carl. In addition to his work on this show, the actor was featured in Vic Mensa’s music video for “OMG” in 2017, and he also had a recurring role on the Starz series Power as a younger version of Tommy Egan. In addition, he had a starring role in the film Alex/October, which was released in 2022, and he made a guest appearance on an episode of The Conners.

Emma Kenney as Debbie Gallagher

Debbie, who is portrayed by Kenney, has been seen by fans as she has developed from being the spunky younger sister to surprising audiences by turning out to be more like Frank than fans would have wished her to be.

Since the debut of Shameless, Kenney has appeared as Harris Conner-Healy on the television show The Conners and provided the voice of Sarma in the animated movie My Love Affair with Marriage (2022). In addition to that, Kenney may be seen in the films Robert the Bruce (2019), Back to Lyla (2022), and Murder at Yellowstone City (2022).

Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher

The big-hearted third oldest Gallagher child left high school, joined the military, and finally married Mickey Milkovich, a childhood buddy she had known since they were both young. Monaghan has appeared in a number of short films and on television shows, such as Malcolm in the Middle, Corey and Lucas for the Win (2011), and Gotham. He will also lend his voice to the character Sergei in the animated film My Love Affair with Marriage, which will be released in 2022. Emma is Monaghan’s fictional TV sister.

Chicago Bulls tweeted that Shout out to the cast of Shameless for making their way up from the south side to visit honorary Gallagher last night!

Vampire Academy (2014), The Giver (2014), Amityville: The Awakening (2017), Anthem of a Teenage Prophet (2018), Shattered (2022), and Paradise Highway (2022) are some of the other films in which he has appeared (2022).

Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovich

Fisher, who is no stranger to success in the world of television, plays the role of the biggest bully in the neighborhood, who finally develops affection for Ian. Before and during his run on the Showtime series, he appeared in a number of other television programs, including X-Men: Evolution, The Riches, Castle Rock, The Red Line, and The Conners, among others.

In addition to that, he starred in the film Capone and provided the motion capture and voice acting for Michelangelo in both the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie from 2014 and the sequel that came out in 2016. (2020). Check the other Rabbit Hole season cast member and their story.

Christian Isaiah as Liam Gallagher

According to Vulture, before Isaiah took over the part of Liam in season 8, the character had previously been performed by twins Brenden and Brandon Sims since season 3, and by twins Blake and Brennan Johnson as babies beginning with season 1. As Liam develops a relationship with his father Frank and finally succeeds academically while striving to maintain his ties to his family, Isaiah takes the audience on this journey with him.

In addition, Isaiah has portrayed a younger version of Tupac Shakur in the television series Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and in the film Notorious B.I.G. (2018). He is also known for his roles as Phil Saunders on the audio series Borrasca and as young Andre in the movie 21 Bridges (2019).

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