British Police Arrest: Man Detained On Terrorism-Related Charges, After Discovery of Uranium In A Package At London Airport!

British Police Arrest: Following the discovery of trace amounts of uranium in a cargo shipment at Heathrow Airport in London two weeks ago, police in the United Kingdom detained a man on terrorism-related charges on Saturday.

The suspect, a 60-year-old male whose identity has not been made public, was taken into custody at a residence in northwest England. He was taken into custody at a police station and later freed on bail.

According to Richard Smith, head of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Counter-Terrorism Command, “the discovery of what was a minimal amount of uranium within a package at Heathrow Airport is clearly of concern, but it shows the effectiveness of the procedures and checks in place with our partners to detect this type of material.”

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“I want to be very clear that even though we have made this arrest, and based on what we currently know, this incident still does not appear to be connected to any direct threat to the public,” the officer said.

British Police Arrest
British Police Arrest

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During a routine inspection of a freight shipment comprising scrap metal on December 29, the UK Border Force discovered a “minimal amount of uranium.” Police said they searched the suspect’s home address but found nothing that might threaten the public.

The Guardian says the cargo arrived at Heathrow Airport on a passenger flight from Oman. The British publication said it was headed for an “Iranian business with premises in the UK.”

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