Robbie Knievel Death: Son of Evel Knievel, Dies At 60!

Robbie Knievel Death: According to his brother Kelly, Robbie Knievel, who carried on his father Evel Knievel’s daredevil legacy, passed away on Friday. He was 60.

“He spent around four days in hospice. He had pancreatic cancer that had spread; Kelly Knievel told CNN. He had probably known he was ill for six months. In his teens, Robbie Knievel started performing motorcycle tricks. Later, he performed risk-taking jumps over the Caesars Palace fountains and the USS Intrepid planes.

According to his official biography, he completed more than 300 leaps and set 20 world records throughout his career. His brother described him as a “wonderful daredevil,” which is how most people remember him.

If you’ve ever gone to one of his jumps, you know that they were extremely risky and that it’s challenging to replicate the emotional intensity of the danger you see on television.

On the other hand, despite the risks, Robbie was proud of what he had accomplished. In a 1989 interview with CNN’s Larry King, he said, “I’m quite proud that my dad pretty much developed his entertainment, sport, whatever you want to call it.

Robbie Knievel Death
Robbie Knievel Death

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Even though he was pleased with his stunt work, Robbie’s father admitted in the same interview that he had tried to convince him as a youngster not to pursue a similar career path out of fear for his safety.

While Robbie Knievel acknowledged having a tight connection with his father as a child, he also said that the two eventually became closer as his daredevil career took off.

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Since I was the troublemaker among the four of us, he punished me the most, he wrote in 2019. “I was the one who was always pushing him and trying to be like him.”

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