Alix Earle Age, Family, Nationality, Relationship, Career And More

Alix Earle, who hails from New Jersey in the United States, is a well-known TikTok star, a social media influencer, a model, an Instagram personality, a media face, a content developer, and an entrepreneur. TikTok videos of this stunning young woman lip-syncing songs have made her rather famous across the nation. She amassed a significant number of followers across all of her social media sites. In addition to this, Alix is also active in the fashion modeling and content creation industries.

In addition to that, she manages her own channel on YouTube, which currently has more than 15.6 thousand subscribers. Since May 2020, Earle has been working at Earle Construction Company as an Intern in the Marketing Department. In addition to this, Alix is an influential figure on several social media platforms. The information that you need to know about Alix Earle may be found in this article.

Alix Earle Age

According to the information gathered from various sources, Alix was born and reared in a stable household in the state of New Jersey, in the United States. On Saturday, December 16, 2000, Earle was born into this world. In reference to her age at the time, Alix will be 22 years old in the year 2022. She identifies as a Christian and practices that faith. Alix is an intelligent and well-educated young lady. The information that Earle attended Red Bank Catholic High School in New Jersey has discovered us after viewing her profile on LinkedIn.

Alix Earle Age
Alix Earle Age

She started her studies at the University of Miami in August 2019, when she enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing program there. According to the information on her LinkedIn profile, she will receive her degree in May of 2023. In addition to continuing her education, she is currently serving as an intern in the marketing department at Earle Constructions.

Alix Earle Family, Nationality & Ethnicity

Alix Earle comes from a family that has been together for a long time, therefore it is safe to say that they have established themselves. She was born in the United States to two American parents. According to the information gathered from the sources, Thomas Earle, Alix’s father, is a prosperous businessman. We also discovered the many celebrity age you can take a look at the Joni Mitchell Age: A Musical Journey Through Life And Love.

Earle is a corporation that specializes in highway civil contracting and building, and her father is currently working as the President of Earle. However, there is not enough information available regarding Alix’s mother to properly evaluate the situation. According to the sources, Thomas DuPré tied the knot with Ashley. Earle and her brothers, as well as her cousins, all grew up in the state of New Jersey.

Alix Earle’s Relationships

Alix is a stunning young woman who has found success as an influencer on social media and a celebrity on TikTok. She is the object of affection for a plethora of young men. Following a significant amount of study, we came to the conclusion that Tyler Wade is Alix’s boyfriend. Permit me to inform you that Tyler is currently playing baseball at the professional level. It was said that Tyler and Alix began d@ting in the year 2022 for both of them. Nowadays many celebrities are taking Divorce, You also look at why did Jenni and Roger Divorce?

TikTok Star Career

TikTok is one of Earle’s favorite platforms for posting his lip-sync videos. Her followers are crazy about her lip-sync videos, and as a result, she skyrockets to fame in a very short amount of time. Her official TikTok account currently has millions of followers and likes, which is a testament to her popularity. Alix is also known as a personality on the social media platform Instagram.


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In addition to her role as a social media influencer, she is currently an intern in the marketing department at Earle Construction. According to her LinkedIn profile, she has also been employed as a Retail sales worker at Hazel Boutique since May of this year. Alix is employed at Surfside Frozen Custard in addition to her other responsibilities. In addition to that, she is concentrating on her career on TikTok.

Alix Earle’s Net Worth

In Miami, Florida, in the United States of America, Alix is leading an extravagant lifestyle. Her position as a marketing intern provides her with a competitive compensation package. She also generates cash from her TikTok and Instagram accounts in addition to this. Additionally, she manages her own channel on YouTube, which currently has more than 84.7 thousand subscribers. The amount of around $1.5 million that Alix Earle has in her net worth.

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