Just Shot Adam Ruzek In A Shocking Season 10 Finale

Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) has been deepening his covert mission with Richard and Samantha Beck throughout Chicago P.D. Season 10. Additionally, it was found during the inquiry that Richard was not only an influential figure in organized crime and the drug trade but also a violent white supremacist and self-declared domestic terrorist.

Ruzek has unexpected and almost de@dly repercussions as a result of Richard’s secret “plan” in the season finale, “A Better Place” (Season 10, Episode 22). What is known about his fate is detailed here.

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What Happened To Ruzek In Chicago P.D.’s Season 10 Finale?

The guy you least anticipate sh00ts the officer, but we must start at the beginning of “A Better Place” to make it all sense.

After learning that her father changed his plans that day, Samantha is distraught and wants to leave town. Ruzek is compelled to expose his identity and detain her because he is desperate for her to tell him what Richard claimed would lead to “multiple targets” and “many casualties.”

Sam refuses to work with the Intelligence Unit while being held captive for fear that her father would ki!! her, kidnap her son Callum, and successfully convert him to the unidentified “cause.” In exchange for immunity and safety, Samantha agrees to let Ruzek defend Callum. She continues by disclosing her father’s friends’ identities and the locations of his homes.

Adam Ruzek

A significant raid results from this knowledge. Numerous Beck associates are detained by the Intelligence Unit, which also unearths a substantial cache of cash, narcotics, weapons, and explosives. However, the plans Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) discovers disclose Richard’s most important project: He intended to blow up many predominantly black primary schools in Chicago. Beck, regrettably, managed to get away and is still at large.

To prepare and depart town for a safe place, Ruzek simultaneously takes Samantha and Callum home under the pretense of a camping trip for Callum’s sake. Ruzek finds Callum hanging up the phone with Richard, though. Because of his talk with his grandfather, Callum mistrusts Ruzek and points a gun at him.

“He says to call him if mom ever tried to make me leave,” Callum says about Richard. “He says I can’t go camping, not without him… He said that you’re trying to trick us. My grandpa is trying to save the world and he says that you’re trying to stop him…You know he’s doing it for us. He’s getting rid of all the bad people, and you’re going to stop him.”

Despite Ruzek’s best efforts to soothe Callum, the child unexpectedly sh00ts him in the chest. Samantha removes Ruzek’s phone from his pocket while still trying to save her kid, leaving him bleeding.

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Did Ruzek D!e In The Season 10 Finale?

Ruzek could only pull his body to the phone and contact Burgess (Marina Squerciati) after Samantha left his phone on the stairs. She runs to his side as soon as Voight (Jason Beghe) and the paramedics arrive. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital, Ruzek convinces Burgess to vow that she will save Callum. He is taken into emergency surgery as soon as he arrives at the hospital, and it is our only opportunity to see him until the film’s end.

When Burgess and Voight find Samantha and Callum, justice is ultimately done. Richard appears, though, and uses Callum as a human shield to escape being shot at or apprehended before Samantha can be put behind bars. Unfortunately for him, Atwater is also there and fires a de@dly shot, instantly ki!!ing Richard.

Here is a tweet about the Chicago P.D.’ Season 10 Finale: Is Adam Ruzek Leaving?

Ruzek’s destiny is uncertain, and he’s in reasonably lousy health. Richard’s horrible onslaught was stopped, and he is now de@d. Therefore, we must wait until Season 11 to learn whether he lives.

“He’s with this young woman that I think he cares for and can see needs help, and she has a young son that I think he cares for,” Flueger told NBC Insider about Ruzek’s feelings about the case. “He has been told nothing but lies his entire life other than what he hears from his mom, who only has so much power to tell him the truth. That duality is not fun [for Ruzek], especially when he wants to go home when he’s got a daughter, and he’s got [Kim Burgess] that he’s rekindled his romance with.”

He continued, “It’s like partying in Vegas in your 20s. It sounds awesome, [but] you grow out of these certain things and realize what’s important. I think he’s exhausted, and it’s starting to wear on him that what he’s undercover for is not for one individual. It’s for this possible mass attack. So I think it is weighing on him as things go forward.” 

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