Academy Implements ‘Crisis Team’ For 2023 Oscars!

After Will Smith stormed the stage and smacked Chris Rock during last year’s ceremony, a “crisis team” will be unveiled at the Oscars to handle any unforeseen events.

According to Academy chief executive Bill Kramer, the new team has “run several scenarios,” hoping they would be “prepared for anything” that might occur during the gala on March 12—scheduled to be hosted by American comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Because of last year, Kramer told Time magazine, “We’ve opened our minds to the numerous things that can happen at the Oscars.” We’ve never had a complete crisis team before, and we have a lot of plans in place.

Last year’s event featured extraordinary sights that shocked attendees inside the Dolby Theatre and on social media worldwide. Rock joked about Jada Pinkett Smith shaving her head after being diagnosed with alopecia, prompting Smith’s actions. Smith repeatedly said after getting back in his seat, “Get my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.”

Smith attended the ceremony despite the incident and later won the Oscar for best actor for his role in King Richard. Even though he left the Academy later, it took the organization a few more days to judge whether to keep him as a member. He subsequently received a 10-year exclusion from the Oscars gala and other Academy functions.

The organization’s response to the issue, according to Academy President Janet Yang, was “inadequate.” Yang said the Academy had learned to be “completely transparent and accountable in our actions” while speaking at the annual Oscar nominations luncheon earlier this month.

She remarked, “We must act quickly, compassionately, and aggressively for ourselves and our industry, particularly in times of crisis. The new crisis squad will be able to assemble “quite fast,” According to Kramer, who took over as CEO in July, to respond to real-time problems.

Following Andrea Riseborough’s unexpected best actress nomination for her work in the underrated independent movie To Leslie, the unit was sent out. Following a last-minute campaign by celebrities like Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow, the British actor received a nomination. This sparked charges of unfair practices, and the Academy announced an internal study of the campaigning process.

The group quickly declared that the in question behavior “did not rise to the level that the film’s candidacy should be withdrawn.” Yet it did note that “the responsible parties directly” were “being addressed with about campaigning practices that have been found.”

Kramer said: “You know, that happened on a Tuesday, and six days later, we were able to issue our formal statement from the board that carved out a plan for us.”

He also talked about the benefits of having Kimmel host the ceremony when asked about his capacity to react to “possible surprises” at this year’s event. “Things don’t always go as planned, so you want someone like Jimmy on stage who is accustomed to dealing with live television. As a result, you have a host capable of managing certain situations.

Academy Implements 'Crisis Team' For 2023 Oscars!

When Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway revealed La La Land as the best film winner at the 2017 Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel took over as host. Later, Kimmel had to correct the mistake. The chat show host stated, “It hit me that I was the only one wearing a microphone, and I should go up there and sort it out.”

The comedians Wanda Sykes, Regina Hall, and Amy Schumer hosted the Oscars the year before. “Having a host who knows how to manage live television and a live audience” is crucial, according to Kramer.

He said this year’s presentation would be “much more immersive, much more nominee-oriented, and much more focused on all the disciplines of film-making” to persuade the Academy Awards’ decreasing audience to tune in.

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