Yzabel Ablan Cause of Death: Heart Failure And Respiratory Infection!

Yzabel Ablan was a young woman who made many people happy. Janna Dominguez and Mickey Ablan were her parents. Despite the fact that she wasn’t Janna’s biological daughter, they had a particular and loving mother-daughter relationship. Yzabel also had two sisters, Micael and Julliann, with whom she shared a strong relationship.

Yzabel Ablan Cause of Death

Heart failure and a lung infection were the causes of death for Yzabel Ablan. Heart failure indicates that her heart was unable to adequately pump blood to her body, which is critical for our bodies to be healthy.

The lung infection means that her lungs, the portions of our bodies that help us breathe, became ill and were unable to do their job properly.


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These health issues arose unexpectedly, and despite her best efforts, she was unable to recover. Her family and friends were devastated by the circumstances.

What Happened to Janna Dominguez’s Daughter Yzabel Ablan?

Yzabel Ablan, Janna Dominguez’s daughter, has very major health issues. She had a cardiac condition when she was a newborn, which caused her heart to function differently than most people’s. She had a little device called a pacemaker implanted inside her chest to aid her heart. Despite having this particular gadget, her heart was still having problems.

Yzabel also suffered hydrocephalus, a condition in which there is too much liquid in the brain. This can result in headaches, vision problems, and difficulty thinking clearly. To address these health issues, Yzabel underwent many surgeries, including one in which a shunt was implanted in her head to remove excess fluid and another in which her heart valve was changed to improve blood flow.

Yzabel Ablan Cause of Death

Despite these obstacles, Yzabel remained cheerful and continued to do activities she enjoyed, such as singing, dancing, and spending time with her family. Unfortunately, she died because her heart and lungs could no longer function correctly.

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