You Season 4 Expected Release Date Status on Netflix, Cast, Rumours and More Detail!

Season 4 of You will premiere on Netflix in October 2021, the same month the third season debuted. Yes, Joe has returned. What we know about the fourth installment of the serial-killer-turned-married father in the suburbs before traveling to Paris story is listed here.

When Did Netflix’s You Season 4 Start Filming?

As of March 22nd, the official Twitter account for YOU Season 4 announced that filming has commenced. “Feeling YOU-4-ic,” the tweet read. “You Season 4 is officially in production.”

Where Is Netflix’s You Season 4 Set?

If you watched the final episode of You season 3, you could have guessed it would be set in Paris. You’s Instagram account dropped a BTS image on April 1 that hinted Joe would be moving to London for the upcoming season, and Deadline quickly confirmed the news.

Who Will Star in Netflix’s You Season 4?

Details of You season 4 are gradually being revealed by Netflix; one of these is the addition of Lukas Gage from The White Lotus as a character “It’s a well-known fact that Adam, the friendly, humorous, and wild-living son of an affluent family, falls short of his parents’ expectations. When it comes to getting what you want, he learned from his parents that you should do whatever it takes.”

The call is reported by Deadline Charlotte Ritchie, best known for her role in The Midwife, has joined the cast as an art gallery director named Kate, who harbors misgivings about Penn Badgley’s Joe.

Several more major cast members were announced on 1 April. In addition to Tilly Keeper from EastEnders, Amy Leigh Hickman from Tracy Beaker Returns, and Ed Speleers from Downton Abbey, the cast has just been announced.

Who Is in the You Season 4 Supporting Cast?

Some pretty tasty information about the cast and the introduction of several new characters has been released by you, the makers…

A university student, Brad Alexander plays Edward, whose father controls a prominent news organization. In the words of Deadline; “Edward is well-liked and is used to being the smartest person in the room at all times. Nadia, a fellow student, is a tough opponent for his affections.”

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Sophie, played by Niccy Lin, is “a businesswoman in the body of a pampered jetsetter” who is protective of her artist brother, Aidan Cheng, who plays Simon.

Literature professor Malcolm, played by Stephen Hagan, is a “drug-loving bon vivant,” while Ben Wiggins portrays an aristocrat named Roald.

Ozioma When plays cryptocurrency investor Blessing, “a Nigerian princess with numerous post-graduate degrees,” and Eve Austin portrays Gemma, “a member of an affluent circle of pals who met at Oxford.”

Vic “Adam’s personal driver/dealer/security” and Connie “went Oxford with Kate and Phoebe’s friend group” are played by Dario Coates and Sean Pertwee, respectively.

“World-weary,” “calm,” and “rooted,” are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Alison Pargeter’s character as she portrays paparazzi photographer Dawn. Even though “Elliot’s boss is big, and Elliot always delivers, no matter how difficult the task,”

We don’t know much about the fourth series other than the fact that the art and literary worlds of London are likely to be examined, as well as academics, celebrity, and privilege, based on the notes on these characters. A career as a librarian at a prestigious institution might be in Joe’s future. He may also get his first job in publishing, right? The only way to know for sure is to wait and see…

You Season 4

While some fans have previously pondered the possibility that Ellie (Jenna Ortega) from Season 2 would make an appearance, it becomes less likely given that we know that the season will take place in London and that the majority of the story will take place there.

As one Redditor pointed out, “Watching Season 2, Love informs Ellie that if the film business fails, she should move to Paris and study at a culinary school. Who knows, I have the impression that she might be present.”

Due to some strong fangirling between Penn Badgley and Cardi B, we may be getting a surprise addition to the cast, in addition to the characters already mentioned.

Penn has now responded to rumors that Cardi B could be cast in You, following a Twitter love affair between the two that saw the actor and musician swapping effusive tweets and changing their profile images to each other.

Penn responded to a query about a probable Cardi B cameo on Jimmy Kimmel Live by saying, “I don’t know, I can’t say for sure. There is, however, a petition that I believe exists.” It was only after more questioning that he said, “I don’t know.”

According to a new Twitter exchange between the rapper and Netflix, the latter of which changed their Twitter bio to say, “Cardi B’s “So it’s episode 1 and I’m at Paris Fashion Week shutting it down!” post is a petition to get her to appear in Season 4 of You. When I turn around, I see YOU. Okay, Netflix, I’m done.”

In all honesty, it’s a great idea, but perhaps she’ll have to cancel it at London Fashion Week due to the just confirmed filming location.

Even if Marienne’s co-stars from season 3 return, it’s unlikely that others like Shalita Grant’s Sherry, Travis Van Winkle’s Cary, Scott Speedman’s Matthew and Dylan Arnold’s Theo will…unless they’re in Europe for some reason.

In the final episode, Joe arrived in Paris in quest of Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), so we’re pretty confident the librarian will be back as well. Love (Victoria Pedretti) and Ryan (Michael Foster), Joe’s latest victims, will not be returning, unless it’s in flashback form, thanks to his killing rampage in season three.

When Was Netflix’s You Season 4 Confirmed?

Netflix revealed the news of a fourth season on Twitter on October 13th, just two days before the premiere of You season 3. There’s a new season of YOU in your [body] bag, according to the show’s official Twitter account.

What Do We Know About Netflix’s You Season 4?

It was Love’s mother, Joe, and their son Henry that moved with them to the suburbs for Season 3. Unsurprisingly, they were unable to completely remove themselves from their violent impulses after they got married and entered marriage counselling.

While trying to be good parents to their son and fit in with the clique-y new crowd, the couple found themselves into some tricky circumstances involving murder and framing.

What is Netflix’s You season 4’s expected release date?

There’s no information yet on when it’ll be available. In September 2018, Season 1 was released; in December 2019, Season 2 was released; in October 2021, Season 3 was released. According to the broad timeline of prior seasons, we might expect it to take place around late 2022 or early 2023.

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