Women Talking Cast: An Examination of Each Actor Part

Women Talking is a drama directed by Sarah Polley about women in an isolated religious community struggling with their faith after experiencing severe continuous sexual assaults at the hands of the men in their community for a long time, with performances by some of the best actresses working in films today.

Sarah Polley rose to prominence as a child actress in films such as Terry Gilliam’s The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen and the television series Ramona. In 1990, she made her public debut as Sara Stanley in the popular CBC television series Road to Avonlea.

She has appeared in several popular films, including Dawn of the Dead, Mr. Nobody, and The Secret Life of Words. Polley directed her first feature film, Away From Her, in 2006, based on Alice Munro’s short story. Stay on this page to learn about Women Talking Cast.

Women Talking Cast

Please take a look at the stars in the movie as we introduce the talented cast of the captivating new Women Talking. This movie promises to be a tour de force of drama and emotion, with each cast member bringing their unique talents and perspectives. Join us as we explore the world of this extraordinary cast and discover the magic they create on screen together.

Judith Ivey As Agata Friesen

The matriarch of the Friesen family, one of the two families tasked with deciding the future of all the community’s women, is played by Judith Ivey, a celebrated actress and theater director.

The two-time Tony Award winner, who has appeared in well-known plays such as Hurlyburly and Steaming, plays an important part in the movie because it is she who unearths a theological gap that allows the women of the Mennonite faith to leave and put an end to the violence that has been committed against them.

Women Talking Cast

Rooney Mara As Ona Friesen

Even though Women Talking features a large ensemble cast, Ona Friesen, the eldest daughter of Agata, would make the best lead character.

Ona is credited with starting this story’s documentation in the books. Since none of the women can write, Ona finds colony schoolteacher August Epps considering suicide and brings him to record the women’s talks and meetings.

It’s a very challenging role for Rooney Mara because she has played many challenging roles throughout her career. Still, Ona finds herself in a difficult situation in the story because she is pregnant with a child due to rape. She received her first nomination for an Academy Award while portraying a similarly tortured character.

Claire Foy As Salome Friesen

Salome, Agata’s younger daughter, and Ona’s sister attacked the perpetrators who raped her daughter with a scythe after she had to walk twelve miles to obtain antibiotics for her three-year-old daughter, who had contracted an STD as a result of the forceful intercourse.

Salome is played by Claire Foy, best known for portraying Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s The Crown, for which she won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Similarly to Mara, who portrays her sister in the film, Foy portrayed Lisbeth Salander in the 2018 film The Girl in the Spider’s Web.

Jessie Buckley As Mariche Loewen

Jessie Buckley has made quite a name for herself in recent years by appearing in several critically acclaimed and high-profile projects. She is set to continue her hot streak with Women Talking, where she plays Mariche, the Loewen family’s elder daughter.

MoMA Film tweeted that The cast of WOMEN TALKING. You can see below:

Mariche is in an abusive domestic relationship with her husband, Klaus, despite being portrayed as a very giving woman who devotes her life to her husband and son. Buckley starred in Alex Garland’s horror film Men this year, which explored similar themes, as well as films like The Lost Daughter and I’m Thinking of Ending Things in the past.

Frances McDormand As Scarface Janz

Despite her limited screen time, producer Frances McDormand plays Scarface Janz, a stalwart member of the community, a resident bonesetter, and a stern ringleader of the apathetic group of women.

McDormand has starred in several celebrated films throughout her four-decade career and is only the second woman in history to win three Academy Awards for Best Actress, most recently for her performance in Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland.

The celebrated actress from films such as Fargo, Almost Famous, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, plays a pivotal role in the film and brings her A-game as usual.

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Ben Whishaw As August Epp

Ben Whishaw plays the main male character in an almost entirely female cast: a Mennonite colony teacher who feels extraordinarily guilty and broken due to the community’s heinous crimes against women and attempts suicide. But he is stopped by Ona as they reach an agreement.

Women Talking is told from his point of view. After all, he is asked to observe the women’s meetings and record the proceedings because none of the women in the colony know how to read or write. Whishaw is a British actor best known for his role as Q in the most recent James Bond films and in films such as Paddington and Cloud Atlas.

Conclusion: Sarah Polley’s Women Talking boasts an exceptional cast of talented actresses, including Judith Ivey, Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, and Frances McDormand. The film, which deals with a complex subject, promises to be an emotional and thought-provoking experience, with Polley as director. With such a stellar cast and Polley’s impeccable track record as a filmmaker, Women Talking is poised to be a standout film upon its release.

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