Will Republicans Debate? Will Trump Tweet? The Media Could Be Back In The Game!

Republican presidential hopefuls may debate this summer, possibly even on CNN.

And it’s possible that Donald Trump will soon rejoin Facebook and Twitter.

In politics, a lot of threats are made. However, these tend to disappear when the going gets tough. Facetime and virtual spacetime continue to hold a lot of appeals.

It’s one thing for potential competitors and strategists to spread misinformation during the off-season by claiming that Republican candidates couldn’t possibly support television networks because of their extreme bias.

According to recent reports, the RNC is reportedly in talks with the networks to stage debates later this year.

The head of the RNC’s debate committee, David Bossie, told the New York Times that he is “incredibly skeptical that our presidential candidates can get a fair shake from what we consider the biased mainstream media.” But, he said, “There are plenty of Republicans who consume their news just from the major networks. That’s why we have a broader outreach.”

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It’s not official yet, but it seems more likely than last year when the GOP formally boycotted the Commission on Presidential Debates, the organization that has sponsored them since 1988. The Times reports that in addition to CNN, the RNC has spoken with Fox News, the three broadcast networks, some smaller conservative media groups, and CNN.

Will Republicans Debate? Will Trump Tweet?
Will Republicans Debate? Will Trump Tweet?

It appears that the Republicans would abstain from discussing with MSNBC, whom they see as the liberal opposition’s 24/7 counterpart. Fox encountered a similar issue when the DNC backed out of the 2020 election cycle, although the network could still host town halls with specific candidates.

Debates are a favorite of networks since they have generated high viewership recently and generate news that everyone else must follow. However, suppose CNN suggests a discussion with Anderson Cooper, whom Trump believes has denigrated him repeatedly over the years.

Wouldn’t it be preferable if Trump challenged him as he did with Megyn Kelly in the Fox RNC debate from 2015? And would Ron DeSantis abstain out of resentment or principle, giving his rivals the attention instead?

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, Trump’s inescapable move has been discussed. He may claim that Twitter has become dull and prefers his Truth Social, but you know that he is eager to reconnect with his 88 million followers and increase that total.

Although Trump is required by law to post his original political content on Truth Social, there is nothing to prevent him from putting it on Twitter six hours later, where it would be amplified much more.

According to NBC, Trump’s team is preparing for his departure and discussing his first tweet.

Trump claimed his extended ban had “dramatically altered and hindered the public dialogue” in a letter to Facebook’s parent firm Meta. After the brawl on January 6, Trump was banned from both platforms.

Trump might be attempting to claim credit for something on the horizon. Facebook will “decide in the coming weeks in line with the approach we laid out,” a spokeswoman for the company said.

According to Meta, the restriction would continue for two years before being reconsidered.

No one debate, no Facebook post, and no tweet will determine the election’s outcome. Along the road, there will also be heated exchanges. But the notion that Republicans can create their environment and disregard the significant media seems a little unrealistic.

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