Why Did Leah And Jaylan Break Up, From ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’?

Leah Messer’s happiness and perhaps—just perhaps—finding the right partner for her happily ever after are the only things Teen Mom viewers desire for her. And many people believed Jaylan Mobley to be that man.

But following their breakup, viewers were left wondering why Leah and Jaylan parted ways and whether their marital difficulties will be addressed later in Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Leah has a reputation for being quite open about the facts of her reality-TV life. Including her friendship with Jaylan most recently. On the program, she gradually introduced Jaylan to her family and friends; he even appeared in Season 1 of Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Although it initially appeared that Jaylan was staying, we now know that is not the case.

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Why Did Leah And Jaylan From ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Break Up?

Leah and Jaylan are currently forward with significant preparations for their marriage on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. They live together in a house and are even considering starting a family.

Additionally, Jaylan has already won over Leah’s girls. Sadly, none of that was sufficient to maintain the couple’s relationship.

Why Did Leah And Jaylan Break Up
Why Did Leah And Jaylan Break Up

Leah stated in October 2022 that she and Jaylan had amicably decided to separate in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Although the past year has been fascinating for us both, we’ve concluded that it’s better that we take different routes, according to the post. “We appreciate the knowledge, development, and memories we have gained from this partnership.”

Soon after, Leah posted that she and Jaylan were “refocusing and transitioning towards better days ahead” amid suspicions of adultery.

The Sun said that Leah believed Jaylan was cheating on her, citing an unnamed source. But since Leah hasn’t spoken out in support of those allegations and there isn’t any proof, it’s all just conjecture among fans who are curious about what transpired.

Leah and Jaylan may have seen their paths diverging and decided they weren’t the ideal fit for one another after relocating in and beginning a life together. Whatever the situation, Leah appears to be enjoying life to the fullest with her daughters and a successful MTV reality series, so she has much to do.

Jaylan Bought Leah A House Before Their Split!

There was anger and criticism when Leah and Jaylan disclosed that Jaylan had bought Leah a house in April 2022. But since Leah still resides in the home with her girls, it appears that whatever legal paperwork was required to be filed for Leah to be the only homeowner has been completed. According to TMZ, Jaylan left and now resides roughly 45 minutes away from the Teen Mom star.

Does that imply they haven’t ruled out reconciliation? That is still up in the air. But viewers will likely learn what ultimately caused the pair to split up before they could wed and begin the life they had imagined.

Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST is when Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on MTV.

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