Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating Now? Who Has She Previously Dated?

Anna Kendrick, an actress, keeps her love life and personal relationships private. The actress was associated with A-listers like Jake Gyllenhaal and other famous figures in the industry before her most recent romance with Bill Hader.

Bill and Anna began dating in 2021, but they kept their relationship quiet so that no one found out until January 2022. “Bill and Anna had a quick chemistry. According to a source, they enjoy each other’s sense of humor, Us Weekly said in February 2022.

The insider stated, “They like to do typical stuff like hike, watch movies, hang out with friends, and love weekend getaways.” Bill and Anna have never discussed their relationship publicly, despite the information that a source close to the couple provided. Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating Now?

Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating Now?

Not all the details about Anna Kendrick’s previous relationships and partners are known. Finding out who Anna is seeing is typically easy, but keeping track of all her hookups, flings, and breakups is more complicated.

Who Is Anna Kendrick’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick started dating after he split up with Rachel Bilson, and they’ve been dating for much longer than people realize. On January 20, 2022, People announced that Hader and Kendrick had been dating “quietly for over a year.”

In April 2014, they first connected while Hader was a cast member and Kendrick was a guest on an episode of Saturday Night Live. Additionally, they appeared together in the 2019 Christmas film Noelle.

A source told People that Anna and Bill had been dating covertly for more than a year. “They dated for a while. They made a movie together, and she hosted Saturday Night Live, but they remained friends long after the film.

“They are both very private individuals, and with the pandemic, it was simple to keep it hidden,” the informant stated. They must constantly make each other laugh since they are both hysterical. She is incredibly joyful.

After splitting from Bilson in July 2020, six months after they made their romance official at the 2020 Golden Globes, Kendrick began dating Hader.

On the filming of the 2013 film The To Do List, Bilson and Hader became friends. Maggie Carey, the film’s director, wed Hader from 2006 until 2018. They have three daughters: Hannah Kathryn, 12, Hayley Clementine, 7, and Harper.

According to a source who spoke to People in February 2020, Hader and Bilson’s relationship had improved after they had a Valentine’s Day celebration.

The insider at the time stated, “They spend a lot of time together, and it seems like a serious relationship. Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, they were in Los Angeles.

They had a relaxing weekend at the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach on Sunday. It sounds like a fun connection, the person added.

Bilson “always seemed entertained” around Hader, the insider added. The source claimed, “She can’t stop giggling around Bill. He treats her with such kindness and consideration. Quick to open doors and very attentive in behavior.

Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating Now?
Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating Now?

Image Source: people

Have Anna Kendrick And Bill Hader Broken Up?

A source sent information to ET about the couple’s breakup on June 28, 2022. According to the insider, Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick are no longer together.

Another person informed the publication that the two were allegedly still together in April last year. The insider said that Bill and Anna “are in love, quite happy in their relationship, and enjoying their time together.”

They are content with how things are developing and are not in a hurry to get engaged. “They truly like each other and share the same sense of humor,” they added.

“Their relationship is very joyful for them both. They naturally click together.” Both celebrities have taken great pains to keep their relationship a secret and have refrained from discussing it in the media.

The former SNL star refused to discuss his then-romance with the Pitch Perfect actress in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Who Has She Previously Dated?

The Pitch Perfect actress allegedly dated director Edgar Wright between 2009 and 2013. The couple first connected on the set of the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Bill Hader and Anna co-starred in the 2019 Disney+ film Noelle, which has been linked to Anna. According to reports, the couple began dating in 2020 and broke up in 2022.

Are Ben Richardson & Anna Kendrick Still Dating?

Kendrick served as a stunt double for British-born director of photography Ben Richardson on the set of Drinking Buddies in 2013 after her breakup with Wright. Before this, Richardson had directed the Oscar- and Emmy-nominated Beasts of the Southern Wild and Mare of Easttown.

Additionally, they worked together on the movies Happy Christmas (2014) and Table 19 (2017). Kendrick has not spoken publicly about her connection with Richardson, except telling Glamour in 2015 that she was in a “very wonderful arrangement.”

They are no longer together, though it is unclear when their relationship ended legally. When promoting Season 1 of Love Life in 2020, Kendrick did confess that her standards had changed. The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Kendrick saying, “The true arc we wanted was to portray how we mature from each relationship.”

Even if the end of our relationship, it’s not always for the worse. The people in your life affect how you change and develop, and you may learn either good or bad lessons.

“At times, it was dreadful, and I grimaced at the way I, and so many other women I know, dated guys in our early 20s—the way we were so awkward, needy, and clingy,” the woman remarked. I think, “Oh God, I was such a jerk in that relationship,” as I reflect on the past. Or all the times’ someone spoke to me inappropriately, and I didn’t feel strong enough to object.

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