What Happened To Javi Yellowjackets? Will He Return This Season?

The Showtime series “Yellowjackets,” created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, centers on a squad of female soccer players from a New Jersey high school who become stranded in the wilds of Ontario after their plane crashes. They are forced to take drastic measures, such as cannibalism, to survive in harsh environments.

Javi Martinez, who Luciano Leroux portrays, is a crucial supporting figure in “Yellowjackets.” Of the three male survivors of the collision, he is the youngest. If his absence piqued your curiosity about his location at the beginning of the second season, we’ve got you covered. Spoilers follow.

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Who is Javi in Yellowjackets?

Javi traveled with the Yellowjackets to the forthcoming soccer tournament with his brother and father. Still, they could never arrive because their plane crashed in nowhere.

What Happened To Javi Yellowjackets

Javi saw a limb from a tree skewer his father. His brother found it difficult to deal with him and their father’s tragic and untimely demise. Javi has only developed a relationship with Shauna; she bonded with him after noticing his artistic tendencies.

What Happened To Javi In Yellowjackets?

Javi is the son of Coach Bill Martinez and the younger brother of Travis Martinez (Kevin Alves). The latter died in the collision, and the survivors discovered his body impaled on a tree branch. Javi was traumatized by his father’s death and chewed on the gum his father had given him until his brother had him spit it out.

As their time in the wilderness dragged on, Javi made friends with Shauna Sheridan (played by Melanie Lynskey as an adult and Sophie Nélisse as a teen), one of the other survivors. Javi was once caught by Shauna looking through her suitcase. Shauna didn’t trust him and hung her diary on the house’s rafters despite his claims that he had been searching for her knife to carve some artwork.

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A sizeable percentage of the audience begins to believe that Adam is indeed Javi in the present day after Shauna meets artist Adam Martin (Peter Gadiot), and they start dating. This was eventually proven false, although the show’s makers told Variety they had considered it before rejecting it. Lyle said, “That felt far more tragic to us.” Being Javi’s return is enjoyable, but it has a mustache-twirly vibe that isn’t where we want to go.

Previously, after Laura Lee passed away, the survivors started to lose hope that they would make it out of the forest alive. They planned “Doomcoming” because they would attend homecoming if they were home. Yet hosting a party named doom coming seemed appropriate, given that we were stranded in the middle of nowhere with no apparent possibility of rescue.

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Javi rang a bell to kick off the event officially. To poison Coach Scott, whom she had a crush on, Misty Quigley (Christina Ricci as an adult and Sammi Hanratty as a teen) hid magic mushrooms from the other survivors in the meal. The females’ conduct changed due to the mushrooms, and began pursuing Travis. When Shauna saw Javi, she instructed him to flee. The following day, Travis had no luck locating Javi.

Where is Javi?

Two months had passed since Javi was last seen before the show’s second season began. Almost all other survivors, except Travis, have given up hope that he will survive. Travis and Natalie (played by Juliette Lewis as an adult and Sophie Thatcher as a teen) frequently go on hunts together to locate Javi. However, they are unable to do so.

In the first episode of season 2, Travis suffers from an anxiety attack brought on by his thoughts about his brother. When Nat’s attempts to calm him down are unsuccessful, Lottie Matthews (Simone Kessell as an adult and Courtney Eaton as an adolescent) steps in and tells Travis that he will see his brother again, which provides him with hope.

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