What Is Walker Scobell Age? Is He Single?

American child artist Walker Scobell is 13 years old. He rose to fame after starring in the acclaimed science fiction film Adam Project on Netflix. The same year, he also starred in Secret Headquarters. In elementary school, Walker Scobell first began acting.

He has joined the West Hollywood, California-based A3 Artists Talent Agency. He was raised in a military household, attended school across the nation, and decided to pursue acting as a career while attending school in California.

What Is Walker Scobell Age?

He was born in Los Angeles, California, and as of 2022, he will be 13 years old. He taught in her hometown schools. He has a good education. His spirituality is Christian. His horoscope is unknown.

Who Are Walker Scobell Parents?

Walker Scobell is currently thirteen years old. He was born to love parents in America on January 6, 2009. Scobell also hails from a military family and has lived all across the country, from the warm state of California to the high country of Colorado.

Scobell hasn’t given the names of his parents, but we’re sure they’re proud of what their kid has accomplished. With his parents, particularly with his mother, Heather Melissa, Scobell gets along well.

Under the handle @walker.scobell, Scobell could also be found on Instagram, where he has shared countless photos of his family and himself.

How Did Walker Scobell’s Acting Journey Begin?

What Is Walker Scobell Age?
What Is Walker Scobell Age?

Ever since he was in elementary school, Walker Scobell has cherished performing. He joined the theater club at his school and has participated in school plays ever since. Still, the positive transformation in his life only started after he moved to California and joined the A3 Artists talent agency.

After signing with it, he initially had the opportunity to audition for his first-ever feature role in “The Adam Project,” a sci-fi movie. This young star did an outstanding job portraying the younger version of Adam in the film. Even though this was his first on-screen performance, Walker already has his post-film job lined up.

He will appear in “Secret Headquarters” with Owen Wilson. In this movie, Scobell plays Charlie Kincaid, a young man who finds the superhero’s base of operations directly beneath his home. When a villain attacks, Charlie and his pals must protect the floor.

Walker received enormous renown from “The Adam Project” and “Secret Headquarters,” but that isn’t enough because he is currently collaborating with director James Bobin on his next series, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians.” The movie “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” is based on the acclaimed book series by Rick Riordan. Logan Lerman first portrayed Percy in two films.

Is He Single?

Unmarried Walker Scobell is a man. Being so young, he is not yet prepared for a partnership. Scobell is a young person who has never been in a relationship. At the moment, he is single. Despite his youth, he has a sizable fan base and is adored by many people. Regarding Walker’s sexual orientation, he is also heterosexual.

What Is Walker Scobell Net Worth?

Walker Scobell’s income has not yet been made public, but as of 2022, he has a net worth of $500,000. He has already created an identity for himself at an early age.

Walker is also incredibly driven and keeps pushing himself to achieve his goals. Even at 13, he is already building a name for himself in the profession. His acting job is also his primary source of income.

Is Walker Scobell Active On Social Media?

Walker does indeed have an Instagram account, and it has over 46k followers. One of him with well-known YouTuber David Dobrik was visible in a picture quickly spotted on his Instagram account.

Scobell updates his fans on his personal and professional lives throughout the day. Additionally, he has posted some adorable pictures from his youth on social media. In front of the camera, Scobell shone and established himself with well-known figures in the business.

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