UFO Reports: Over 350 UFO Sightings Reports Since March 2021!

UFO Reports: Since March 2021, the US government has received more than 350 new claims of “unidentified aerial phenomenon,” or UFOs, approximately half of which have not yet been fully explained, according to a report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released on Thursday.

According to the article, the Pentagon office monitoring and analyzing the sightings has tentatively classified 163 reports as “balloon or balloon entities.” The causes of a few additional sightings have included drones, birds, weather variations, or flying debris like plastic bags.

However, the paper stated that “initial characterization does not mean positively resolved or unidentified.” And the US authorities are still baffled by the remaining 171 reports of UAP or UFO encounters.

In several of these uncharacterized UAP, the research stated, “novel flight characteristics or performance capabilities appear to have manifested and require additional analysis.”

In summary, many strange flying objects that have been observed traveling across restricted military airspace over the past few decades continue to elude the intelligence community and the Pentagon, at least in part.

According to the report, most of the new messages were from pilots and operators in the US Navy and Air Force “who witnessed UAP throughout their operational tasks and reported the occurrences.”

The report noted that there had been no documented incidents between US aircraft and UAP yet, even though UAP “represents a safety of flight and collision danger to air assets” that could need pilots to “alter flying patterns.”

The Defense Department has aggressively urged pilots and other personnel to report unusual sightings in response to congressional demands to look into alleged UFO or UAP sightings. In 2021, the intelligence community issued its initial report on the subject.

Only one of the 144 reports of UAPs analyzed in that report’s analysis—which took place during the study—could be explained by researchers. Although there is a possibility, investigators did not find any proof that the sightings were caused by alien life or significant technical progress by a hostile nation like Russia or China.

The Pentagon and the intelligence community were then mandated to investigate and report on the subject by Congress in its year-end defense funding bill.

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The report released on Thursday revealed a sharp rise in reported incidents since the 2021 report was published. Investigators attribute this rise in words to “a better understanding of the possible threats that UAP may represent, either as safety of flight hazards or as potential adversary collection platforms,” as well as to “a reduced stigma surrounding UAP reporting.”

250 reported sightings have occurred since March 2021, even though some of the 366 newly discovered records refer to instances that happened in the 17 years before that date.

The report released on Thursday acknowledged the prospect that the sightings could be a platform for gathering foreign intelligence, but it doesn’t appear that investigators have gathered any evidence to back up that assertion.

According to the report, UAP incidents “continue to occur in restricted or sensitive airspace, emphasizing potential problems for the safety of flight or adversary collecting operations.”

UFO Reports
UFO Reports

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“We continue to estimate that this may be the outcome of a collection bias due to the number of operational aircraft and sensors, combined with focused attention and guidance to reporting abnormalities,” the paper states.

According to the report, the Pentagon and the intelligence community “will continue to investigate any evidence of suspected involvement by a foreign government in UAP incidents.” Former chair of the House Intelligence Committee and Democratic representative from California, Adam Schiff, praised the report’s publication.

I appreciate the ODNI’s efforts to investigate and analyze reports of unidentified aerial phenomena and their dedication to upholding transparency by providing an unclassified overview to the American people. Unidentified aerial phenomena continue to be a national security concern, and I will support comprehensive investigations into each report of UAP as well as congressional oversight.

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