Tim Allen Alleged Provocative Allegations Against Pamela Anderson!

Pamela Anderson responds to questions on a story from her new memoir, “Love Pamela,” that features her “Home Improvement” co-star Tim Allen. Anderson claims that while working on the comedy in 1991 when she was 23 and Allen was 37, Allen flashed her and showed her his penis in an excerpt from her book that Variety released earlier this week.

Allen denied the incident earlier this week, and Anderson now wants to make it clear she has no ill will toward what she claims transpired. It’s Tim’s responsibility as a comic to cross the line. I’m sure he didn’t mean any harm,” the woman reportedly told Variety in text exchanges.

“However, times have changed. After #MeToo, I doubt anyone would attempt that. There is a new world. Anderson described the alleged event happening on their first day of filming in the autobiographical excerpt.

“Tim was in the hallway in his robe,” she writes. “I walked out of my dressing room.” He quickly exposed me while completely naked underneath after opening his robe. Given that he had witnessed my nudity, he claimed it was only fair. We are even now. I made an uncomfortable laugh.

The text does not refer to how or when Allen might have witnessed Anderson undressed. Throughout her career, Anderson posed for Playboy multiple times; the first time was in 1989, a few years before the alleged incident.

Tim Allen Alleged Provocative Allegations Against Pamela Anderson!

“No, it never happened,” Allen said in a statement to CNN Monday. “I would never do such a thing.”

Anderson is also the subject of “Pamela, a love story,” which is set to premiere on Netflix on January 31, the same day her memoir is scheduled to be published.

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