The Ending of 1899 Explained: What Will Happen In The Finale of 1899?

The Ending of 1899 Explained: We were engrossed entirely in 1899, the newest drama sci-fi series on Netflix. In the eight-part series, a group of European immigrants travels across the ocean to New York in search of a better life.

 As their adventure continues, they do, however, discover their sister ship, which has been missing for four months. Their entire experience is about to turn into a nightmare once they join the new ship.

The series, created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the team behind Dark, has been puzzling for fans since the first episode, and things don’t become much more precise in the finale

. Everything you need to know about 1899’s conclusion on Netflix in case you’re as perplexed as we are. Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for The Ending of 1899 Explained.

The Ending of 1899 Explained

The main dramatic twist in 1899 is that Maura’s simulation of the passengers’ passage to New York is actually how they traveled there.

Maura elected to wipe her memory to cope with losing her son, but she has since forgotten that she is in a simulation. The main issue with this is that she has the key to breaking out of the simulation but is unaware of it.

Henry tells Elliot at the beginning of the final episode of 1899 that Maura has been deceiving them both. Then Elliot is taken to Maura’s recollection of the hospital.

Capitan Eyk returns to Kerberos to find Maura, who informs him and the other travelers that they are in a simulation. Naturally enraged at Maura for tricking them, the passengers abandon the ship in unison. Maura and Eyk find a trap door in the boat that leads to a separate room as they work to escape the simulation.

Daniel begins controlling the electrical panels in other places, which prompts the black virus to spread throughout the ship at a faster rate. All of the ship’s passengers, including Maura and Eyk, are subsequently placed into various simulations due to this.

Eyk is later slain by the First Mate, who also indicates the simulation has been tainted after Maura and Eyk find themselves in the “real world” for some reason.

Maura is then taken by the First Mate to her father and Elliot and placed in a chair at what appears to be an asylum. Her father clarifies that Maura, not him, is the one who constructed the simulations at this point. Then, the guards inject Maura.

Henry tries to exit the simulation using Maura’s key in the little black pyramid, but the key is ineffective because Daniel modified the code, erasing the simulation.

The Ending of 1899 Explained
The Ending of 1899 Explained

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On their son’s hatch, which Daniel reveals is the first simulation they’ve ever created, Maura awakens in the moorlands to find Daniel. He continues by saying that he altered the code so that when the guards gave her an injection, she was returned to the simulation rather than being taken out of it.

There will be even more details provided. According to Daniel, Maura’s wedding ring now contains the updated code, but her brother Ciaran, not Maura, was the one who built the simulation. Daniel advises Maura to go back to the real world so she can intervene before it’s too late to stop her brother.

Daniel gives Maura a new pyramid, which she fills with her ring. When she wakes up, the other people from the initial boat are also attached to machines aboard a spacecraft.

Maura is discovered to be aboard a spacecraft named, get this, Prometheus as the episode comes to a close. The year 2099 is revealed to her on-screen, along with a message from her brother “welcoming” her to “reality.” That brings the series to a close. Sounds like we need a second season right away.

Who Made The Simulation In 1899?

Red herrings in the first few episodes of 1899 imply that Henry Singleton, played by Andor actor Anton Lesser, is the simulation’s evil mastermind.

For instance, Maura frequently asserts that her father erased her memories when she and her brother discovered his covert experiments on the ship.

In another moment, Henry observes the travelers on Kerberos while relaxing in his chamber. These instances are compelling enough to imply that Henry is the simulation’s designer, but the concluding episodes show that Maura is the simulation’s originator.

Maura once shared a home with her husband, Daniel, and son Elliot outside the simulation. She could not cope with the suffering and anguish her family experienced as her son’s health began to deteriorate due to an unknown illness.

To “preserve” her son, she moved his consciousness to a virtual setting where she and Daniel (played by Peaky Blinders season 6 cast member Aneurin Barnard) could interact with him even though he was dead in the real world.

Although 1899 doesn’t detail how the simulation evolved from a kid’s playhouse to a complex system or how Henry got engaged, it appears plausible that numerous other forces eventually interacted with the technology and brought about disaster.

Taking advantage of this, Henry misused his daughter’s technology by building additional simulations inside his direct simulation to investigate the mysterious workings of the human brain.

In a brief talk with Eyk (Andreas Pietschmann from the cast of Dark season 3), Maura explains his downward slide by recalling how her mother’s Alzheimer’s slowly robbed her of the capacity to identify her own family. To understand the causes of his wife’s illness, Henry began systematically studying the human mind after she passed away.

The Ending of 1899 Explained
The Ending of 1899 Explained

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What Will Happen In The Finale Of ‘1899’?

In the series finale, Henry holds the key and the lock that must be joined. Henry chooses to wipe her memory, send her back to the beginning of a new boat trip, and use the key to break himself and those close to him out of the simulation, blaming his daughter for all the suffering caused by the individuals locked into the simulation.

However, the key is useless because, in an attempt to wake up Maura, Daniel modifies the Kerberos code, changing the program’s structure and erasing the most recent iteration of the simulation.

Each object in the simulation is a different piece of code. For instance, the black syringe Henry uses to inject Maura in the neck acts as a memory reset, making her endure the same terrifying boat ride repeatedly. The two parts of code that, when combined, awaken someone and bring them to reality are the key and the pyramid Elliot is always carrying around.

When Daniel modifies the simulation code, the black syringe is modified to send Maura to the simulation’s initial iteration, a straightforward room the family used to prolong their shared life.

Daniel also changed the pyramid code to become a toy found in the chamber of the first iteration and the key code to become Maura’s wedding band.

As Daniel explains, it is crucial that Maura awakens and works in the actual world to free everyone else. That’s because her brother Cirian took control of the simulation while she was fast asleep, trapping everyone inside it. The simulation ends when Maura complies with Daniel’s instructions, but we still don’t know much about what transpired there.

What Is Real In ‘1899’?

Maura discovers she is in a room with some of the travelers she met on the Kerberos, who are also connected as she unplugs from the device that kept her consciousness inside the simulation. The spaceship, which has numerous equal chambers and is a part of “Project Prometheus,” contains the room.

Therefore, all of Kerberos’s inhabitants are also present. The real year is 2099, and approximately 2000 individuals are being sent across space toward an unknown destination, while the Kerberos simulation locked everyone’s brains in 1899.

That clarifies that the participants in the simulation were essentially volunteers, but it doesn’t explain why Ciaran grabbed control of everything and kept everyone confined. Ciaran sends a letter to welcome his sister to reality despite being aware of his sister’s escape.

Season 2 should partially take place in the future. At the same time, we return to the simulation to learn what happened to everyone locked inside it and how Daniel may have unintentionally condemned them all to death. We are crossing our fingers for a prompt response.

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