Taylor Dayne Singer, Has Revealed That She Underwent Colon Cancer Surgery

Taylor Dayne Surgery: Taylor Dayne, a Grammy-nominated singer, disclosed that she received a colon cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, the 60-year-old “Tell It To My Heart” singer admitted that the illness was a “dark” battle she had to fight.

After having a standard colonoscopy in July, Dayne discovered she had the condition. She emphasized the value of early detection and urged her followers to be checked.

She said, “Life is valuable. “[The doctor] never even mentioned cancer’s stage. All I could do was [think] “OK, I know there was nothing five months ago.” This is an early detection method.

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The Long Island native underwent surgery to remove 10 inches of her colon a few weeks after receiving her diagnosis.

Despite being cancer-free, she had to spend nearly three weeks in the hospital due to a post-op illness.

Dayne concentrated on getting better physically, mentally, and emotionally after her surgery. She observed how her discomfort brought back the “trauma” she had gone through as a young child with chronic kidney infections.

The singer of “Can’t Fight Fate” said, “For me, being back, I felt like I was four years old again, back in the hospital, basically stuck inside my own body without a voice.”

“So, this has tested my mental and emotional stability. I’m back in counseling now, she continued.

Dayne advises others to choose doctors they can trust because he feels better than ever.

When you’re sick, you don’t have the energy, and you depend on your allies, soldiers, and community, she said. Find a medical professional who will be honest with you. Take up arms for yourself.

In 2022, approximately 106,180 Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

After lung and breast cancer, colon cancer is the third most frequent type of cancer to harm people.

Obesity and a poor diet may hasten the disease’s development.

Chadwick Boseman, a legendary member of the Marvel cast, battled the illness for four years before passing away in August 2020 at 43.

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